Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Random play

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, February 09, 2010
Who says kids do not have any creativity? They can make use of anything given to them and play with it. Today, I cleared my storeroom and threw away stuff I did not want. Found a huge box and decided to let the kids play with it. Here's Danielle almost instantly, crawling into the box.

I remembered as a kid, I also loved to lie under sheltered places to feel secure.

I thought the box looked rather dull. So, I decorated it.

Caleb was nowhere in sight as he was still in school.

At night, they were playing with dustbins. This dustbin is my recycling dustbin where I would throw clean recycling materials in it for me to bring down to the recycle bin down at my block. Danielle would usually take it and play with it. So here's what they were doing with it...

They also crawled into the box and played inside it. We also took their turtle toy which emits litted stars and moons so that they can view them in the box.

They had so much fun that their whole body were soaking wet from the sweat as they didnt want to come out.

Having two active children who simply loves to play, I am just thankful that I had them young-when I still have a little energy to catch up with them.

So for those who are thinking of getting married or just got married, please dont wait long to have a baby. There wont be a time when you are fully prepared for one. Dont think too much. Just do it! ;p


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