Monday, August 21, 2006

I am back again

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Latest updates on my fishes..well the dwarf gourami which you saw in the previous post has passed away. It survived about 4 weeks. I have no idea why it died. It was feeling so miserable and refused to eat. So, I put it in another tank so that it can eat, instead of the small fishes snatching his food. But he refused to eat and always staying at one position. So, we knew that it was a matter of time that it would die..sigh..

So, right now, I still have 7 neon tetras and 5 black neon tetras. I love them as they swim in a school...very nice to see them so united. Whenever one leaves the party, I will panic as I am so afraid it is sick or something like that... But so far so good. *cross my fingers!* hehe..

Last Saturday, CT's company organised a family day out free! We met at IMM as it is the place where parking is free..yup..THE place! The company hired 3 buses to take us around. We first went to a pottery jungle next to NTU where there were monkeys roaming around. That was more interesting then their huge collection of pottery and vases. Haha..

Of course if you like pottery stuff and chinaware, this is a nice place. Anyway, after that, we went to Qian Hu Fish Farm. Oooo..I was def looking forward to this one because of the fishes I would see! I saw many wierd looking creatures in the tank..Took some wierd ones only. For more, go visit the place! It is free to look!

Below is a blue lobster..really blue and purple in colour.

This is a fish which reminds me of my friend..hehe..*You know who you are*
This fish seems to have lipstick on..with a pouty lips look to it. So cute

I will update my pictures once this site works. I always have problem uploading more pictures..dunno whether they have set a size limit or not.

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