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2D1N Legoland Hotel, Malaysia

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Since beginning February, I have been planning a trip down to Legoland to stay at the newly built hotel which looked really fun to stay in. So I suggested to my dad then who readily agreed as he always look forward to a holiday together with a family.

However, when we went during the March Holidays, it was without my dad (since passing away on 26 Feb) and as much as we wished he was with us, enjoying quality time with the family and grandchildren, we are also thankful he is not with us as it would be inconvenient for him to move around in the wheelchair especially when it was raining heavily during certain times in the day.

The weather is very unpredictable since just the day before we left for Legoland, heavy showers hit Singapore, ending the 27-day dry spell record.

Anyway, to avoid the rain while still doing something, we took the children to the playground at Land of Adventure, took the "Lost Kingdom" ride which we did it over and over again as well as building Legos at the "World of Imagination".

The "Build & Test" place was fun as the children could build their own vehicles and test drive it on the ramp. I had fun with them as I, too, love Legos! Before I had children, I always wished I owned my own room of Lego toys.

There's Caleb stress testing his building to see how high he can build without toppling down from the 'earthquake' vibrations from the table.
We also managed to catch 2 4D movies - Lego Racers and Lego Chima throughout our time there. They have many 4D Lego shows at different times of the day.

Waiting to enter the 4D theatre
There's baby Jadon (my nephew)

Thank God, the weather cleared and there's Caleb and my niece, Joyanne who is so bubbly!

Caleb with Lego Chima

We decided to go to the Water Park as it closes earlier than the LEGOLAND park.

Don't worry as the showers and changing rooms at the water park is huge! It is also quite clean. So rest assure and bathe here if you like!

We went to the Wave Pool first. It was fun for the children! It was their first time in such a pool and they all enjoyed themselves as they went back again at the end.

My 6+ year old son went to all the rides in the Water Park as he loves thrill. So thank God, he could be attached to Daddy to do all those crazy rides.
I also enjoyed the "Build-a-Raft" River where I could just relax in the lazy pool which drags you round in the tube. The interesting part is you can collect Lego pieces along the way and build something.
The Water playground was rather huge with lots of water spraying about. Fun for all ages.

I was with Danielle the whole time and we tried a couple of slides as well!

Glad Danielle too is daring enough to try the slides.
When it was close to 6pm, we changed and made our way back to LEGOLAND to try more rides.
Danielle and Caleb went to the Lego Technic rollercoaster twice. Danielle just barely made the minimum height limit to take the rollercoaster.
So proud of her!
We then went to sit the Dragon Rollercoaster. There were two types. We went for both- twice each!
My mum also sat along with us! Woo Hoo! The most happening Grandma!

The pre-schoolers, Danielle and Joyanne enjoying their horse rides as well.

 We stayed in LEGOLAND till it closes at 8pm. Our last ride was the new ride  at the Land of Adventure. Its a Water Log Ride called "Dino Island". Be warned that you will get VERY VERY WET!! What a way to conclude our time in LEGOLAND.

After that, we walked outside LEGOLAND to have dinner at a Thai Restaurant. The food was quite nice and authentic.

In the LEGOLAND hotel, the lobby was so captivating and inviting for the children to play!

Check out the flying dragon! It has painted nails and mucus which my brother (who is tall enough) added on it!

We had the pirate rooms

There's a monkey guarding our treasure chest.


The Kids room TV

The Kids basin

Adult basin
 Below is the clue sheet to help us to unlock the combination lock for our treasure chest.
We finally managed to open it and there's our treasure inside!

The children busy fixing their new toys!

Aisle leading to our pirate room

Inside the lift

Adventure Level

After settling down, we went to my brother's room to check it out. They had the Adventure room.

D├ęcor in the toilet

Then we went to the Kingdom Level to check it out! We wanted this initially but it was fully booked. So if you have the intention of staying here, be sure to book early if you want the Kingdom theme room.

Love this sign placed in the kids room area

The bunk bed which sleeps 3 as there's a bed you can draw out on the floor

Adults Queen Size Bed

The next morning, the children woke up quite early and its interesting how they are playing Legos early in the morning. You practically live and breathe Lego when you stay here. So unless you love Lego, if not, you will not enjoy!

The Lego Set that is in our room for the children to play with

We went to the Buffet area for breakfast. The food is nothing great but decent.

The children, of course, did not eat much. So as they wait for us to eat finish, the waiters occupied them with colouring and activity sheets.

After breakfast, we all went for a swim. There are basically two pools- one for adults and one for babies. It is not big so don't expect anything fanciful. If you want fun, it's best for you to just head down to the Water Park.

We checked out at 11am but before that, we allowed the kids to stay in the lobby area to play for a bit longer before heading for lunch.

After that, we head to Golden Plus One Kopitiam for lunch (GPS Coordinates 1.471486,103.654326). I love eating in coffeeshops when I go Malaysia as the food is definitely more exciting and of course, cheaper! At this coffeeshop, there are many stalls you can order from so we all ordered a few dishes to share.

Caleb had his favourite kind of food- chicken rice!

I love wanton mee. We also ordered the Taipeng Chicken Shredded Noodles which was quite nice as well.


After lunch, we headed to Jusco Bukit Indah for some shopping!

We were all so tired for all that walking after a while.

After shopping, we went to Tesco for grocery shopping before going for dinner nearby at the coffeeshop for Seafood dinner.

Danielle was asleep throughout. After dinner, we made our way back via 2nd link and it was sooo jam!

We had a very enjoyable time at LEGOLAND and am thankful to God for the rain because it was because of the rain, we met my childhood friend, her husband and her mum there. So my mum could reconnect again with her mum and I could catch up with my friend. Also got to listen to my friend's hubby's testimony on how he converted from Muslim to Christianity and is now a pastor. Amazing story for transformation.

Sometimes we question why this and that happened in our lives but I know that God is good and things always happen for a reason. I am just thankful for every day, the little things in life and my family.

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