Thursday, March 27, 2014

2 degree Ice Art Exhibition

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, March 27, 2014
An exhibition I went with the family thinking that it would definitely be cheaper than flying to Harbin, China to catch the original ice sculptures. Moreover, I do not see myself going to China as yet.

So, about a month back, we went to the exhibition. Do not park at the location itself, thinking it is free as it is not. If I am not wrong, its about $3 an hour for the parking there. I parked near by at the open air public Wilson Carpark (URA Bayfront Car Park) which costs only $1.20/hour after 1pm on Sat. So its definitely cheaper.

To be honest, you wont spend a long time at the exhibition as the cold will get you out quickly. At most you will only be there one hour indoor as the indoor temperature is minus 15 degrees! Its freezing!! (Yea, don't be fooled by the title of the exhibition thinking it's only 2 degrees)

There are many sculptures but the place is not very big. So after one round, you are almost done. It's just amazing to see how sculptures can be built so high and carved so nicely. So it's more for the experience.

Of course, the fun part was the slides where adults and children can all play.


We had fun throwing snowballs at each other..

And Caleb ,who is usually in his own world, despite the cold, went to sleep on it and place his face on it! That's my boy..full of life and simply wacky!

We went in the place for 30 mins before going out. Took a short refreshment break by eating something hot (they have food and drink stalls just outside the place) before we went in for another 30 mins. You are only allowed to enter the place twice with your tickets.
Here's how the children look after their experience in the cold, with all their red noses!


If you are interested, you can buy the tickets from the counter itself. Its not crowded at all since this exhibition has been on for quite a while already. Do catch their promotions to get a good price for your tickets

For more info, do visit this website - 2Degree Ice Wonderland


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