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My dad, the fighter

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, March 06, 2014
Time seemed to pass so quickly. Just a week ago, my dad passed away quite suddenly from a urinal tract infection which caused him to stay in hospital for a week before his heart failed.

He was first sent to the hospital because of the infection, giving him fever and just one night after that, his blood pressure plummeted to a dangerously low level (50/30) which even alarmed and worried the doctors and his heart rate went erratic causing the machine to go haywire, just like the kind of movements you see when there is an impending earthquake.

From then onwards, he just went to sleep and he never did 'see' us anymore. His heart stopped for about 3-4 times within a day and the doctors had to do CPR and shocks on him. They managed to revive him. Never did I expect to be asked a question from the doctors on whether we want them to continue reviving my dad again if his heart stops me, that was probably THE most scary and nerve wrecking question I have ever been asked. We gave the doctors one more day to monitor first and after that, my dad's heart was fine from the heavy medications and machines to support him.

Final days in the hospital

A few days later, the doctors treated the infection. So his fever was gone, his blood pressure and heart rate seemed quite normal. However, the doctors told us that his kidneys were damaged and most likely, his brain too (from the stop of oxygen flow when his heart stopped before). We were mentally prepared that my dad was either going to die or even if he makes it out alive, he might be in a vegetable state.

Who knows an infection (which he had before) could lead to a life and death situation?

Each day as I visit my dad, doctors paint a very grim picture of how my dad's organs are failing one by one. I have been asking the Lord what does he want out of this? Surely, our creator has a purpose and as we know His ways are definitely higher than ours, we need to trust Him and know that His plans are always the best.

The amazing thing was that I had the peace, just like He has given me 9 years ago when I was involved in the train and car collision in US, which made headlines all over in Singapore. The peace that surpasses all understanding and can only come from the Lord.


9 years ago, due to the train collision, his jaw was broken into 3 parts, ribs and spine broken, causing him to be paralysed chest down.

In US Hospital after the train collision

From young, he has always encouraged me to "Get Up and Win the Race" and from this accident, I have learnt that my dad walks the talk and he has been so strong despite going through this. His faith in God gave him the strength to 'stand up' and be joyful despite his circumstances.

Physiotherapy sessions after the accident

Since the accident, he has been in and out hospitals for treatments of infections, pneumonia, rare disease which ate up his flesh, huge boils all over his hands which the doctors all cant understand some of what he went through and just termed it rare.

Still, my dad kept the faith, trusted in God, knew very clearly his mission of reaching people to know Christ and went out inspiring and encouraging people.

Distributing rice to the villages in Cambodia
Orphans in Hope Village, Prey Veng, Cambodia
Even in his final days in the hospital, I could see my dad still trying to fight it. Despite his organs failing one by one, he managed to be able to breathe on his own and the doctors transferred him to a normal ward from ICU.
On the day he passed away, I went to see him at 1045 am and I did a closure with him. I told my dad that its ok to let go and don't worry about the family. I told him that I would take good care of the children and bring them up well. I also told him to enjoy his time in Heaven and be with Jesus. That was my last words to him.
He passed away at 1212 in the afternoon.
I am happy for my dad as he is now in heaven in a new body.
I like what my dad's friend put it when he commented on my post in facebook
"Your dad's an incredible hero, helping the poor, marginalised , homeless, orphans in Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal and Laos...It was an honour and joy working with him in Cambodia and a tremendous inspiration and blessing to all those who knew him and your mum who was always joyful, couragious, and faithful to GOD ever striving to tell all of us EACH DAY, EVERYDAY that knowing and obeying JESUS is ENOUGH....Swee Chan we'll miss you, especially your family...but at the same time we're so happy that you are now in paradise getting birdies and eagles in heaven's ultimate golf course...with Jesus and GOD as your buddies and angels as your caddies..."


To tell you the truth, I am jealous of my dad for he gets to enjoy heaven earlier than me. But then again, I know my time here is not up yet as I have so many more things to do for God and like my dad, I want to win more souls for Christ and tell more people how much God loves them and hopes for them to be in communion and fellowship back to their heavenly Father.
I leave you now by a daily devotion from one of the youths in my church.
"...Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." [Acts 4:12]

My friend, the Bible declares that only Jesus saves. All religion (including Christianity) cannot save us, but only a relationship with God through the Savior can.

Through this relationship, we are spared from hell and can go to heaven. Through this relationship, we have the power to overcome sin. Through this relationship, we are healed of spiritual, physical and emotional afflictions. Through this relationship, we reign in life.
That's what it means to be saved by Jesus.
May you be encouraged and maybe consider to find out who this Jesus is and why He died for you.


francesca on Thursday, March 06, 2014 said...

My condolences. I had a similar experience when I lost my father in law last year. Totally unexpected but God is kind and gave us what we need to pull thru.

Dawn on Friday, April 04, 2014 said...

thanks. God is good! He takes care of us.

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