Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Non-stop drawing

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, February 19, 2014
My elder son loves to draw. When he comes home from school, after changing out of his school uniform, he would head straight to the board to draw. Either that, he would also pull out my drawer of rough paper for him to draw.

So he is either wasting lots of paper and pen ink or whiteboard marker ink. Caleb could spend almost an hour just drawing. I am amazed as he can't even sit still doing his work for 15 mins.

Here's Caleb when he was 4 years old.


Then at age 5 and 6,


Just yesterday, he drew on the paper and he keep leaving it everywhere on the table. It makes me annoyed as I would always find stacks of paper left behind from all his drawing. I am really amazed how he can think of things to draw. He sure has a very imaginative mind.
Another thing I am impressed with him is how fast he would draw his pictures. Its as if he has drawn the same thing over and over again before. But he hasn't as from what I see, his pictures all usually very different and random.
I once asked him if he wanted me to sign him up for art and craft, he said no and I think he is just happy drawing what he likes..
Here's his recent drawings which caused my table to be so messy but after looking at it when I had the time, I can't help but smile as the expression on the faces of his drawings are priceless!
The question in my mind is how should I groom him? Think for now, I will just let him be and enjoy it! I am sure he would let me know if he wants any art classes.



Anonymous said...

You can consider enrolling him in NAFA junior art classess . They are rather reasonable in fees and popular with children.

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