Saturday, February 28, 2009

Simple meal

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Today, cooked something simple. Grilled a whole chicken. Added lemon, lemon zest, garlic, black pepper and old bay seasoning which you can get from supermarkets (The seasoning mix includes celery salt, bay leaf, mustard seed, both black and red pepper, cinnamon, and ginger)

I used the drippings of the chicken to make a sauce to go with the chicken. Added onions and mushrooms to the sauce as well as flour to thicken it.

I also cooked mashed potatoes, Added butter and chopped parsely.

Also made a salad comprising of prawns, yellow peppers, red apples, green apples and cucumber. And I added coleslaw dressing to it. I love coleslaw dressing. Its not too heavy as compared to mayo, so it suits my taste.

And had cream of mushroom soup for dinner as well. Got the soup from Fassler Gourmet Wholesale shop at Woodlands. Its very authentic. I added more mushrooms to it since I had leftover mushrooms.

And tada, here's what we had for dinner. A very simple meal to cook for the family.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Boy

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Every time I write about my children, its always about how time flies by and how they have grown up. Its a fact and because of that, every morning when I wake up, I would always think how would Caleb or Danielle surprise me today with their development as Caleb may suddenly spurt out a new word or Danielle may do a few turns here and there- who knows?

Caleb has really grown taller. I cant say he has matured because he was already matured to start with (well, thats what I think)- at least for the looks.

There is just something in him that makes me think he is really sensible and mature. I really dunno but he does seem different from most babies who are chubby, cute and huggable, with few strands of hair on top.

Sometimes he can stare into space as if he is deep in thought and reflecting or he might stare into you like he knows what you are thinking. Its scary. Ha.

But anyway, recently, he is into building. He loves loves loves LEGO! He could sit still and play for hours which is a good thing. But he can play longer if someone sits down with him and build together as well.

So these are all the toys that people have given him for his one year old birthday which I can finally take out from my store room.

These two toys, he has grown tired of it already, but its the LEGO toy that still interests him. Hmm..probably because he is better at it.

Recently, we went to my parents' place and spotted a rainbow. So from then on, Caleb has been saying "Rainbow". He does learn things faster now. I am amazed.

I am really enjoying time spent with him everyday as he has also taught me a great deal about patience, love and joy.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Wholemeal bread

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Today was my first time (when I finally have the time) to bake bread. I decided to make a simple wholemeal bread using the bread machine which my friend passed down to me. However, after an hour, suddenly, the electricity in my house tripped and after figuring it out, we realised that it was the machine that caused it to trip as once we switch it back on, it would trip again.

So I transferred the dough to the baking tin and started baking it in my conventional oven. Glad it still turned out fine.

Had ham and lettuce with mustard and sprinkled some bacon bits on it for some crunchy-ness.

Actually, I love the smell of freshly baked bread but I am not one who would make a bread from scratch as I know its a lot of trouble kneading it. But I also wouldnt invest in a bread machine because it takes up too much space as its so bulky. So for now, I may just go back to buying bread from the shelves of local supermarket.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekends cook out!

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So far every Saturdays, I would be cooking something special for the family. Most of the time, I would cook some noodle dish for lunch. Today, I decided to cook seafood hor fun for CT as he told me he was craving for it a few days ago.

I first add oil and garlic to the wok. Then, throw in the rice noodles, light soy sauce and sesame oil. Fry till fragrant. If you want your rice noodles to be black, just add dark soy sauce. I prefer the white kind.

After that, remove the noodles from the wok. For the gravy, I first add oil and chopped garlic in wok. Then add chicken stock, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, dark soy sauce, sesame oil and pepper. Then add prawns, sotong, caixin (can add fish fillet and lean pork as well). Then add thickening glaze(flour with water). Stir well. Then throw in egg.

Lastly pour the gravy over. You can season more stuff when you taste.

I was quite surprised as it really tasted authentic. Haha. Go try it!

For dinner, went to Hougang and we all ate chicken rice from the Famous Boneless Chicken Rice Stall! Yummy..But dunno why it still came with bones. Sigh.

Anyway, the chicken was very tender. Loved it as it came with a old cucumber soup with chicken feet and of course, with free flow of chilli and ginger! We ordered a plate of beansprouts to go with it and rojak (from another stall).

Check out the wonder woman- Vicky, handling both children. Well, after a while, I took over from her to feed Caleb. So, didnt torture her ok?

After dinner, went to Hougang Mall to check out the Harvey Norman Sale. CT and I were tempted to buy the LCD TV..but decided not to as our TV is still working fine. But, its a matter of time and price before we would buy a 37 inch one. Cant wait!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Post Christmas??!

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Today, my mum decided to cook turkey as it has been lying in her freezer for a long time. So she invited Marianne and family as well to join us in a post-Christmas feast.

I brought along my baby honey baked ham to add to the dinner. So we had turkey, ham,cheese sausages, potato, pasta, veggies, grilled portobello mushrooms with bacon and cheese, cream of pumpkin soup. The food was so yummy- all thanks to my mum for preparing. Even the turkey was moist and tender.

The children were busy colouring. Well, Caleb was trying to at least...

Just wishing for the time where the kids can really come together to play and share their stuff with one another as Caleb was chased away just minutes when he was trying to colour, probably because he was making a mess. Sigh.

2nd time swimming

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This morning, I decided to go alone with Caleb to the swimming pool. I wanted him to get used to the water and at the same time, give Vicky some time at home to do her housework.

So off I went taking public transport to the complex. It was a "so near yet so far" situation for me as by car, its only about 5-7 mins drive. However, when I took public transport, it was almost an hour long! First, I took an LRT from my place to the MRT station. Then took the NEL train and alighted after one stop. Then from there, I took an LRT train to the Complex which was also one stop away. From the LRT station to the swimming complex was about 7 mins walk but since I had Caleb with me and he is so heavy, I made him walk which took ages!

This time round, Caleb seemed to be able to show more confidence. However, from the start, he was still afraid as he was clinging on to me and then I thought to myself,"Oh boy, did I just waste my time and effort to come all the way here?" But after some pacifying, I got to teach him how to kick with his legs properly and use his hands to pull, just to get the 'feel' of the water. He enjoyed that and at the same time, I was getting my work out as I moved his limbs.

We spent about 2 hours in the pool and as usual, bathing him was a challenge. Oh by the way, I actually forgot to take off his diapers as he was already wearing his swimming shorts and he kept wanting to get into the pool. I felt so embarrased but glad that the diapers was clearly hidden inside his shorts.

He was so tanned after the swim.

At the MRT station while waiting for the train, I caught this baffling Ikea advertisement which keep making me ponder what does it mean.

Caleb is quite well behaved when taking the train. He would sit down properly and look around. He knows that the train is moving, so he has to be sitted. How nice as I do not have to chase him all over the train.

Check out his curls at the back of his head.

I had a great time with Caleb this morning. But I am considering whether to do it again as I was so exhausted physically after that from carrying him at times and climbing up the stairs of the station.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

First visit to United Square

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Today was our first visit to United Square Shopping Centre. I have always wanted to go there as I know its a shopping centre mainly for the family and kids. Initially, wanted to eat at Globetrotters as I know its a family restaurant. However, I couldnt find it. Little did I know that it closed down. Oh well.

The place is not as I imagined it to be. When we first arrived, the old carpark was quite crowded and after we parked the car, we waited AGES for the lift and when the lift finally arrived, it was packed with people. The lift was so small. How can it be a place for the family if they didnt cater for families with prams? We then decided to walk the stairs despite Caleb being in the pram as that was the fastest way.

When we first entered, we saw so many parents waiting outside the tuition and music centres. It was a massive crowd. CT and I were amazed at how parents are willing to spend on their children and how profitable it would be to set up a centre. Hmm...

We had our lunch at a Chinese place selling roasted meat. I had roast duck noodles while CT ordered porridge. As usual, it wasnt easy eating with 2 children as Vicky would be busy feeding Caleb, and thus neglecting her food. While one of us has to take turns to look after Danielle and feed her. So one of us would be rushing through the meal and take over duties from the other.

The shopping centre was quite old and it was crowded. I think this would be my last time going there.

Anyway, Caleb has his fair share of fun.

The only shop I enjoyed most was the "Early Learning Centre" Shop (Click on the link to view the toys). The same shops can also be found in Paragon and Forum Shopping Centre. I must say the things they sell seems really fun! Caleb had fun playing with the trampoline.

Caleb also caught sight of a guitar set that comes with rocker-like sunglasses. Yes, he loves guitar! No idea why...

So if any of my friends and family reading this, it would be nice to get any present from this shop for Caleb or Danielle if you do not know what to get for them in future. Ha!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Pre-Valentine's Day Celebration

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Today, CT took leave to be with the family and also planned to celebrate V-day with me. In the morning, we had sausage, eggs and bread for breakfast. I bought the herb sausage from the factory at Woodlands. Its from Saucisse-House of Gourmet. I also got baby honey baked ham there. The sausage is nice.

After breakfast, we blew up the swimming float as we were bringing Caleb for swimming (for the very first time!) He was pretty excited!

Went to the newly built Sengkang Sports Complex. Since it was weekday, it was $1.50 for adult and $0.80 for a child. We brought Vicky and Danielle too. The swimming complex has 1 Competition Pool, 2 Teaching Pool, 1 Fun Pool, 1 Jacuzzi, 8 Slides.

Here's one of the teaching pool which is sheltered.

Very wheelchair friendly as there were ramps everywhere, including the pools! (training pool and children's pool)

Take a look at the nice surroundings. For the many facilities they have to offer, the entry fee is really worth it!

We were there in the early morning. So there were not many people around. Once we entered the children's pool, the lifeguard asked us if we wanted him to switch on the water fountain and of course I said yes.

But I kind of regret it as Caleb was scared. First of all, he didnt like the water to be on his face. Secondly, the sound of the water gushing down scared him. Sigh.

Poor boy as he was 'tramautised'.

But we pacified him and he finally 'warmed up'. After all, this was his first time. So it was understandable that he was frightened.

Here's my boy! He was actually shivering the whole time. Haha. Training him to take the cold! Check out his purple lips.

I really enjoyed the sports complex. They even have a MacDonalds in it. SO much for exercising if you were going to eat in here!

After spending time with Caleb, CT and I also went to the adult lap pool to swim a few laps as Caleb just watched us swim. Then, I brought Caleb to the toilet to bathe him. That was a real challenge since the shower pressure wasnt powerful and Caleb hated the water to go on his face and eyes. He would scream like a girl.

They have a bathroom for kids but I didnt use it. I went to the adult one.

After a great swim, we dropped the kids back home before heading out to AMK Hub for lunch alone as a couple. It was nice to be away from the kids and have a proper meal. When I eat at home, Caleb would usually climb beside me and eat from me or start touching my food with his hands or Danielle would start crying and I would have to stop eating for a while to carry her etc etc. So finally, we actually got some peace and quiet. CT brought me to Fish & Co for lunch. We ordered mussels

and soup and salad for starters

and had a seafood platter for 2 as the main.

I love eating at Fish & Co because of the reasonable prices and I love eating Fish and seafood.

After a great lunch, we walked around for a bit before heading home. It was like back to reality.

For dinner, we had a simple meal with Lo Hei. I love Lo Hei as its refreshing and healthy. Can eat it anytime and no necessarily only during CNY. I made use of the CNY time to buy the crackers and stocked up in my pantry drawer. Ha.

What a wonderful day we had as a family and as a couple..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New toy

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Every year, MOE gives us money to spend for our development. So we can use the money to buy anything ranging from internet or cable subscriptions, to subscription of magazines, to buying of electronic products etc(just as long as you can justify it for educational purposes). So this year, I quickly went to buy a netbook. I always wanted one as its portable and useful especially for travelling (when now I have 2 kids. It will def occupy them). Moreover, my house laptop is a little cranky already as it will self delete files.

So finally, the Acer netbook was delivered to my house.

Here's it is!

I was contemplating between a blue or a white. But decided on a blue as a white is like apple mac pseudo. I dont like it to pretend to be something it is not. So, I would only get a white if its truely a macintosh computer. Ha.

It weighs slightly less than 1 kg and has windows xp on it. CT also has a discount on this and minus away the money MOE gives me, I am only paying about 100 plus for this! How cool is that?! With such benefits, I really do not want to quit MOE. Ha.

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