Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Recipes

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, February 07, 2009
Eversince I have been on leave, I have more time to enjoy what I like doing- that is cooking. Here are my recent new recipes that I have cooked for my family.

How I decide what to cook depends on how easy it is. I am not one who has lots of patience when it comes to cooking. That is why, I do not really bake as baking takes a whole lot of time and effort. I enjoy quick, simple, easy dishes!

I do not believe in spending so long and going through so many thousand steps to cook one dish which will be whopped up in minutes. So I rather cook something so simple and yet nice for people to appreciate and still finish the dish in minutes. In a practical sense, this is more worth my time.

So this first dish that I have "cooked" (didnt cook cos almost everything was raw) recently was a cold tofu dish.

Basically, I just bought silken tofu and transfer it on a plate. Then add pork floss on top with seaweed shreds. The only 'difficult' part was the sauce. Just add mirin (Japanese wine) and oyster sauce. Boil to dissolve. So simple right? Then just pour over around the tofu. Garnish with chopped spring onions. How easy is that?

The next dish was thought off because I had all the ingredients in my fridge. This dish was inspired by the show, "Chef for Hire" which is shown on Channel 5 every Wed night at 9pm. Basically this show is about families hiring a professional chef to their house to teach them how to impress their friends or families by cooking for them. So there was this dish, "Steamed mussels in bacon and tomato sauce". So basically, I tweaked the dish by just adding pasta and prawns, so that it can become my lunch.

First, I fried red and yellow onions in the pan. Should only add red onions but I only had one small red onion left. So I mixed with yellow onions as well. Ha.

Then add the chopped streaky bacon.

Then when the bacon browns a little (depending on how brown or crispy you may want your bacon to be). then you throw in the mussels and prawns

Finally, just end off with a can or two of tomato paste. You can chop up some tomatoes as well to add it in (just to make the paste look more authentic since there are pieces of tomatoes in your dish) Then throw in your cooked pasta (in my case, I used linguine) and mix it.

Lastly, I add chives as a garnish. Tada..a great, tasting simple dish. If you have problems getting mussels, you can add squid. So it would be pasta with prawns and squid. Anyway, cooking is flexible. Just add what you like to eat and make sure the taste doesnt clash.


mamabliss on Thursday, February 26, 2009 said...

wow all these food is making me salivate big time... i think my tummy is protesting of my skipping lunch now teehehe

Thanks for sharing the silken tofu recipe i am so going to try this recipe!!! :)

Dawn on Thursday, February 26, 2009 said...

yes, the silken tofu dish was nice except I added too much oyster sauce that it was very salty. Also didnt have to add too much mirin. Basically, just drizzle as a sauce to the tofu rather than make it a gravy.

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