Friday, February 13, 2009

Pre-Valentine's Day Celebration

Posted by Dawn at Friday, February 13, 2009
Today, CT took leave to be with the family and also planned to celebrate V-day with me. In the morning, we had sausage, eggs and bread for breakfast. I bought the herb sausage from the factory at Woodlands. Its from Saucisse-House of Gourmet. I also got baby honey baked ham there. The sausage is nice.

After breakfast, we blew up the swimming float as we were bringing Caleb for swimming (for the very first time!) He was pretty excited!

Went to the newly built Sengkang Sports Complex. Since it was weekday, it was $1.50 for adult and $0.80 for a child. We brought Vicky and Danielle too. The swimming complex has 1 Competition Pool, 2 Teaching Pool, 1 Fun Pool, 1 Jacuzzi, 8 Slides.

Here's one of the teaching pool which is sheltered.

Very wheelchair friendly as there were ramps everywhere, including the pools! (training pool and children's pool)

Take a look at the nice surroundings. For the many facilities they have to offer, the entry fee is really worth it!

We were there in the early morning. So there were not many people around. Once we entered the children's pool, the lifeguard asked us if we wanted him to switch on the water fountain and of course I said yes.

But I kind of regret it as Caleb was scared. First of all, he didnt like the water to be on his face. Secondly, the sound of the water gushing down scared him. Sigh.

Poor boy as he was 'tramautised'.

But we pacified him and he finally 'warmed up'. After all, this was his first time. So it was understandable that he was frightened.

Here's my boy! He was actually shivering the whole time. Haha. Training him to take the cold! Check out his purple lips.

I really enjoyed the sports complex. They even have a MacDonalds in it. SO much for exercising if you were going to eat in here!

After spending time with Caleb, CT and I also went to the adult lap pool to swim a few laps as Caleb just watched us swim. Then, I brought Caleb to the toilet to bathe him. That was a real challenge since the shower pressure wasnt powerful and Caleb hated the water to go on his face and eyes. He would scream like a girl.

They have a bathroom for kids but I didnt use it. I went to the adult one.

After a great swim, we dropped the kids back home before heading out to AMK Hub for lunch alone as a couple. It was nice to be away from the kids and have a proper meal. When I eat at home, Caleb would usually climb beside me and eat from me or start touching my food with his hands or Danielle would start crying and I would have to stop eating for a while to carry her etc etc. So finally, we actually got some peace and quiet. CT brought me to Fish & Co for lunch. We ordered mussels

and soup and salad for starters

and had a seafood platter for 2 as the main.

I love eating at Fish & Co because of the reasonable prices and I love eating Fish and seafood.

After a great lunch, we walked around for a bit before heading home. It was like back to reality.

For dinner, we had a simple meal with Lo Hei. I love Lo Hei as its refreshing and healthy. Can eat it anytime and no necessarily only during CNY. I made use of the CNY time to buy the crackers and stocked up in my pantry drawer. Ha.

What a wonderful day we had as a family and as a couple..


4malmal on Wednesday, March 18, 2009 said...

Hi, thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to be back in Singapore to try out the swimming pool at sengkang! Looks so fun for the kids !

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