Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mother & Baby Magazine

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Just yesterday, Vicky and I (and of course together with Caleb) to Tampines Giant for our weekly supermarketing. As usual we bought fish, veggies, meat, diapers etc that filled up the whole cart. Each time I do my weekly supermarketing in hypermarts, I always think of my favourite hypermart in US- Walmart!

Walmart was my all-time favourite hypermart where I did my grocery shopping and usual shopping like buying of gifts, cards, or even cake. They have everything in there- from household stuff like paint, to a photo shop where you can develop photos to plants and even autombile car repair. Wish that it would come to Singapore, but guess land is scarce here.

Anyway, back to Giant hypermart. When I went to the checkout counter to pay for my groceries, I suddenly remembered that many weeks back, someone interviewed me for "Mother & Baby" magazine for the Oct issue about my blog and I quickly went to the magazine corner in Giant to check it out. I manage to spot it and saw the front page on I grabbed it and purchased it.

As I flipped through the pages, it was nice to see familiar mummy blog sites that I visit as well. During the interview, I was asked about 15 questions and in the magazine, it mentioned only 2 of the answers I gave.

I have never imagined my blog being publicised in a magazine and I am just glad to be able to share it with people out there. My blog's objectives is not only for me or Caleb to look back and reminisce the past but more importantly, to share my experiences, thoughts and reflections throughout the whole process of my life which includes parenting (a major part of it) such that people can learn from reading my blog and start to reflect as well.

Oh by the way, the "Mother & Baby" Mag came with 2 free bibs as well as instant cereals for babies. Quite worth it for $5.50 as there are quite a number of interesting reads. If you want only want to purchase the magazine to read and have no use for the bibs/instant cereals, you can always give me, ok? :)

Friday, September 28, 2007

Caleb's first real scratch

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Now that Caleb is 2 months plus, he is starting to use more of his thumb. He keep wanting to suck something even though he is not hungry. Its probably to make him feel secure and a natural reflex. However, I discourage him from sucking his thumb as I do not want it to become a habit. I have seen kids before whose skin on their thumb is kinda peeling and all because of too much sucking.

Therefore, each time when Caleb puts his thumb in his mouth, I will raise my voice-telling him not to do that and show my stern face. He knows and will remove it and then start crying. Sometimes, I get the thrill of doing that just to make him scared.

Today, he had his first real scratch. I termed it "Real" because it has a little bit of blood. His hands keep moving that his fingers scratched his face. Sometimes during the day, I remove his mittens so that he can learn to open up his fingers. And so, he accidentally scratched himself on the nose bridge area.

Well, it doesnt bother me since afterall, he is a boy- should be tougher and probably more macho with scratches.

After my shower this afternoon, Caleb was placed on Vicky's bed as he just woke up and his eyes were wide open. He was in a talking mood again. So, I spent my time talking with him and giving him the chance to respond back. After that, I thought of taking a picture with him. So, I drew out my camera phone and snapped my own picture with my dear son.

I really love seeing him when he is all talkative and happy mood. There are times when we communicate with each other and when I talk to him, he would respond by cooing, blabbering and sometimes, smiling and laughing. So, it's really nice and enjoyable to be able to spend that time with my son. Its priceless.

Remember that your baby might be listening and learning to whatever you are saying. So, do not blabber or coo to normally in a commentary kind of way. That is what I do. For e.g. I would say, " Mummy is changing your diapers now..or Come, let mummy carry Caleb etc etc. I read somewhere that babies are not good in understanding pronouns yet. So, its best to say Mummy instead of I. So, try to avoid I, you etc..

poopee boy

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"The Poopee boy" has been the name given by CT to Caleb eversince he was young and yesterday was another day where he proved his title of being "The Poopee boy" once again.

Let me describe to you what happened...

450pm: Checked Caleb's diapers and it was wet and heavy from pee. So, Vicky took out his diaper to air his backside and placed a plastic mat under him just in case he might wet or dirty the bed. So he was bottomless for a while.

452pm: Caleb peed onto the plastic mat as I was sitting beside him and I felt my shorts wet cos the pee flowed down to my shorts. I quickly went to clean the mat and Caleb up but continue to leave him bottomless. Vicky came and checked his shirt. Because of his pee, he wet his shirt since he was lying down. So, Vicky changed his shirt.

454pm: Caleb did a massive poo on the plastic mat and it was so destructive, he also 'bombed' his own shirt which Vicky just changed.So Vicky had to use lots of wet wipes and tissue paper to clean up his Poo and went on to change his shirt again! We then decided to put on diaper cloth on him since he has done his poo and pee already.

455pm: After wearing his clean diaper cloth for a minute, he peed again as we felt the cloth was wet. Then Vicky gave up and told Caleb that she do not want to change anymore already. Tired already. Caleb just gave out that innocent, nonchalent look. Sigh. And a minute later in his diaper cloth, he pooed again and it was another massive one. Thank God we didnt change that yet.

All these events happened just within 5 mins. Within 5 mins, Caleb worn 3 diff shirts, Caleb was cleaned up 4 times.

Here is a video after he was changed when he was wearing his diaper cloth. He was blabbering a lot.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dinner at Orchard Hotel

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Today, Caleb set a record in regurgitating out the most of all his throwing up episodes. He started throwing up on the carpet in the living room and then Vicky quickly carried him to the floor where he threw up so much.

Here is the aftermath..

I heard that after 3 months, they should stop regurgitating. So, I am really looking forward to his less messy affair..or rather, OUR less messy affair since most of the times, he throws up all over us. The good thing is that after regurgitating, he doesnt cry and is less cranky.

These few days since he has learnt how to coo more and more..he has also stayed awake more and more, as if having a lot of things to catch up with us by trying to talk. Sometimes, after he wakes up from his sleep, he just opens his eyes and start "talking"...In the past, he used to wake up from his sleep and cry immediately. Now, different already.

Tonight, went out together with my family for my dad's birthday celebration at Hua Ting. The last celebration at my dad's house was not really a complete one because my mum wasnt with us. She had to go church to facilitate in a bible study group. So tonight, together with my parents, my brother's family and CT and I, went to Orchard Hotel.

It brought us memories of the time we had my wedding there. My brother and Pam also had their wedding dinner in Orchard Hotel few months after mine in 2004. I chose Orchard Hotel because of Hua Ting, which serves good food. I dunno is it because of my expectation but last night's food was very disappointing. I enjoyed the company but not the food. We ordered a double boiled soup a bowl each person, veggies with prawn, US prime beef for each person which was very disappointing because they used a sauce which was over-powering. I love my beef simple-seasoned with only salt. We also had steam cod fish per person which was overcooked and noodles. The noodles was tung hoon with beehoon cooked with black beans, bittergourd and scallops. Very tasty but CT says it tasted quite normal.

I remember when I had my wedding dinner. I made sure my food for the guests was special.I am probably quite particular in food and in serving my guests. So, instead of the usual sharkfins soup which I am against because I love to dive and I wish to treasure this endangered species, I specially ordered ginseng double boiled soup and requested each guest to have one cod fish during my wedding dinner. I also told the chef that night not to overcook it as I hate overcook fish. I was glad the guests gave good reviews that night about the food. I just love feeding people with good food. :)

Anyway, I had fun tonight as Janine amused all of us by her speech. She is just so adorable. Here is my brother, Pamela, Janine and my dad!

After dinner, my mum sent my bro and family back to ACS Barker Rd which is where they stay now. I really feel God's provision for them by giving them this place in ACS where they have free food and lodging, as well as having to enjoy the facilities like tennis court, play ground, swimming pool, table tennis etc etc. God is good.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Old friends gathering

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Today, I met up with Doris at 945am for breakfast at Killiney Kopitiam in Siglap which is just outside my parents' place. So, I parked the car at my parent's place and then walked out to meet her. I ordered mee rebus while she ordered lontong and kaya toast. We were both on time.

Doris has been my longest known friend whom we still keep in regular contact with each other. I have known her since I was 3 or 4 years old when we first started swimming in Chinese Swimming Club under Uncle Hock. (you remember, Doris? the one whose breath stinks of smoke from his pipe)From then on, we have been swimming for probably about 15 years before we quit and after we became not so serious in swimming, we found God and accepted Christ (not together) and then we kept in touch and always share our joys and sorrows as well as pray for each other.

I still remember many many years ago (probably about 6-8 yrs back) when I was quite depressed and I met Doris online in ICQ. I shared with her my problems and she started praying with me through ICQ even though she was in Australia. I was deeply touched. She also never fails to send me birthday card from Australia every year.

Anyway, we decided to meet up today for breakfast so that we can go together and visit Hsu Ee, who is another of our long known friend. But we have lost touch with her. But recently we met Hsu Ee's parents in a swimmer's wedding dinner and the mum told us that Hsu Ee is working in Star Bucks Concourse. So, Doris and I decided to spring a surprise on her by turning up at her workplace.

After breakfast, Doris dropped by my place to say hi to my parents and at the same time, to wait for her carpark coupon timing to finish as she put until 11am. After staying a while at my parents place, I went into her car and she showed me her new house at Kembangan. A nice modern house just next to the Kembangan CC. But too high for me. It was 4 levels and I was panting as she showed me every level. Haha..I told her every morning, she can exercise in her house by climbing up and down.

After showing me around, we went to Concourse to meet up with Hsu Ee. We did not tell her we would be going down as we do not have her contact and its nice to surprise her.

She was definitely surprised and we spent the time chatting with her at Starbucks. I ordered the new flavor drink - Green Tea ice blended with blackberry. Its quite sweet.

Anyway, here is the picture when we were young, during our swimming days...

And this is the picture taken over 20 years later in Starbucks....

(From left to right: me, Hsu Ee, Doris)

Can you recognise us from the photo when we were young?

Anyway, it was a nice get-together and we will def keep in touch and treasure this friendship!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Talking to Caleb

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Eversince Caleb has turned 2 months, we have been talking to him very often. Each time he wakes up, we will start talking to him by greeting him and just talking as if he is an adult who understands everything we say...but of course,at the back of my mind, I always wonder if I am crazy, making a fool out of myself in front of my son who probably do not know what the hell I am saying.

Anyway, here is one of the occasion where Vicky conversed with Caleb.

I really wonder when Caleb will be able to respond more clearly and accurately rather than the coos he is making now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


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(pictures taken with my camera phone)

On dad's birthday, it was Caleb's first time taking the cab as the car was sent for servicing. Thank God he didnt cry in the car. Instead, he was so quiet despite being awake in the sling.

But after a while, when the taxi started driving, he fell asleep..

It was a good first-time experience for Caleb.

Another first-time experience was when we brought Caleb to Suntec on Saturday. We did our supermarketing at Carrefour and had lunch at Swensens. He was a good boy. I had an enjoyable time shopping at Carrefour as there were a lot of groceries that were cheap. I was most impressed with the fish as it looked really fresh and good. I bought lots of fruits too as we tried the sample and it was so sweet and juicy. Bought grapes, mango and the pink flesh type of dragonfruit. Spent $100 over.

At swensens, we prepared Caleb's express breastmilk where we asked for hot water. I quite enjoy the food in Swensens. I ordered Salmon Pesto, Vicky ordered Mac n Cheese while CT ordered a steak sourdough sandwich which tasted really good. Swensens had a promotion for 1-for-1 treats when you order the sourdough. So, it means that the next time you go swensens, I can get the sourdough sandwich for free! I also got a free nutty sundae as my "Motherhood" magazine has this insert that asks me to order 2 meals in Swensens and flash the advertisement for a free sundae. So, I ordered the Hazel Daze Sundae. We also used our $40 Maybank Vouchers from the credit card points to pay for the meal. So, we ended up paying $5 only.

The enjoyable trip was topped off when Caleb behaved well and looked really cute when we were in Swensens.

He was also staring at the lights..

And after we ate, CT played with Caleb and he was cooing and smiling "profusely".

He has now learnt to "talk" by making coo-ing sounds..very interesting.

On the way home, it was also our first-time changing Caleb's diapers in the car while it is moving. No choice..he poo pooed too much that it stinked up the car.

When we got home, CT was tired. So he fell asleep. After about an hour, I brought Caleb to the bedroom so tat he can wake daddy up. So here are both of them...Caleb was "talking" to daddy beside him and smiling too.

Had a great weekend!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Wide awake

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Nowadays, Caleb is awake more often in the daytime and when he naps, he really naps for about 3 hours. So, his schedule is quite fix and I am rather happy that I get time in my hands to do my own stuff.

Today in the afternoon, we brought him to the park at level 4. I finally get to take a picture with Caleb which I seldom do so because I would be the one taking pictures. So, this time round, I told Vicky to help me take.

Here is Caleb behaving himself well when he is out.Phew!

And a nice flower which I spotted...

CT had his colleague's farewell dinner in Jurong East. Went to pick him up at about 1015pm at Tanah Merah which his friend dropped him there. After that, CT suggested going for supper. So we went to Changi Village where I bought fried chicken and brought it to the beach to eat and enjoy the sea breeze and the landing of aeroplanes. Reached home close to midnight. Knocked out when I jumped into my bed.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Today is dad's 60th birthday. My aunt and my colleague's birthday also fall on the same day. My dad has been one of the greatest influence in my life. I respect him and learn alot from him - His humility, his generosity, his honesty, his love for his family and friends by his sacrifice (figuratively and literally) and prayers, his responsibility towards his work and family, and his deep love for God...etc etc

Dad, I love you very much even though I may not show it in the way you may want it. For these past 2 years since the train accident, I have been blaming myself and feeling guilty for causing you such harm and inconvenience now. The guilt that I have in me wells up until at times, I distant slightly from you. Not because I do not love you, but because I love you too much to be afraid to harm you again. I should have driven the car, instead of you. I should have warned you to stop in front of the railway tracks when I was prompted to do so. I know and believe God's hand in this and how I have seen Him in control and how I know that He allowed this to happen. But still, images of the train wreck still surface in my mind especially now when I visit my sister-in-law in Bukit Batok and I have to pass by a railway track and some of the guilt still remains when I recollect back the accident.

Thanks Dad for everything you have done for me and the family. I will definitely bring up Caleb in the ways as how Christ has taught me and will lead me and also as how you have taught me.

May you continue to share your testimony with all those around you and in various churches so that they can see God's love, joy and peace throughout all that has happened and come to accept Christ into their lives.

Love you very much, Dawn

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Glutinuous rice

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Today, I suddenly felt like doing some cooking. So, I made glutinous rice and at the same time, taught Vicky how to make it since she loves to eat it.

First, I prepare the ingredients by cutting them up and soaking them in water. I soaked the glutinous rice, cut the shallots, dried mushrooms, soak the dried shrimp which I cut into small pieces after that, stand by the 2 cans of peanuts which can be bought in supermarkets, and retain the mushroom water to use later.

I also add roast pork in it. So,I sliced it thinly to add later. You can also use the "three-layer" pork instead of roast pork.

After all the preparation, I start the fire to my wok, add oil and fry the shallots first. Then I add the dried shrimps and the roast pork. I feel as if I am cooking fried rice where I just throw everything in. Then I start throwing in the dried mushrooms. You can also add dried scallops which I added a little.

After all the ingredients are thrown in, I then drain the water from the glutinuous rice and throw the rice into the wok with ingredients and fry. Then I add the canned peanuts and the seasonings-soya sauce, salt, sesame oil, dark soya sauce. I didnt add sugar because I used the gravy from the peanut can. Its sweet already.

After frying for a while and mixing it well, I off the fire and transfer everything to my rice cooker. Traditionally, I should be steamed in the wok, but I wanted it fast, so I use the rice cooker instead.

After the rice is cooked, I just top it off with spring onions and fried shallots.

Here is the outcome of my glutinuous rice.

If you want it to look "prettier", you can slice chilli and garnish it even more.

I do not know how much quantity for the ingredients as my mum has always taught me from young that cooking is by "feel" and "agar-ation".

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

more developments

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Today, Vicky and I played with Caleb in the afternoon. He was wide awake and so, Vicky started to teach him the different parts of his face. We also tried to make him stand on his own. Here is Caleb trying to learn how to stand. He was actually bouncing on his own.

(Quality of this video was reduced so that the file is not so big)

After a while, we brought him to the living room to sit on his own. He can almost support his head already.

But after a while, he tends to slide down.

At night, I went to attend my friend's (Jane) wedding dinner at Mariott Hotel. My whole family was invited as well, but CT didnt want to go and I also didnt bring Caleb along as it was too troublesome. So instead, I went with my parents and brother.

I have known Jane since I was 4 years old when we started swimming. So I was very happy for her that she is married. I was in the same table as my whole family as well as Doris (who is also another friend whom I know since 4 years old) and other swimmers' parents. It was nice for the parents to catch up.

As for me and Doris, we have always been in close contact despite knowing each other for so many years. I really treasure this friendship as we have seen and known each other when we were non-Christians in the past to now when we are both Christians and how we now talk about our church and our relationship with God.Thanks Doris for your friendship!

Reached home at 1130pm. Quickly rushed back to express my milk..and have a good night's sleep.

Monday, September 17, 2007

flu bug

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These few days I have been having a bad cough with phlegm as well as sore throat. CT had his cough first which lasted for about 3 weeks and then Caleb caught the cough as well and lastly, me. Caleb is still coughing, has phlegm and blocked nose.

Today, Vicky cooked barley drink for me and CT. She gave me a huge cup of it to drink and told me that I cannot drink cold water.

I am just thankful that I have a helper who takes care of me and advises me what to eat and what not to eat for my own good.

Today, Caleb regurgitated all over me. It was like a waterfall. So, the helper quickly cleaned and changed him while I went to take a shower. After my shower, Vicky showed me what Caleb was wearing. I was amazed at his great sense of fashion!

Here is what he was wearing...a dress! It is probably a big shirt which now looked like a dress on him. I do not mind since it is soft and cooling. By the way, it has hearts all over the shirt too!

In the night when CT came home, he fed him this way...multi-tasking.

And look how Caleb eats. No table manners!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Caleb's Baptism

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I used to think that infant baptism did not serve much purpose since the baby is too young to know what is going on and thought parents should give their child a choice, instead of 'forcing' them to be baptised.

However, my thinking has changed now that I have a child. Firstly, I do not like people to force me into doing something I do not feel like doing. So, I will not do likewise to my child. So then, what is the reason for getting Caleb baptised?

First of all, CT and I truly believe that Caleb came about not by accident or by our family planning works, but by God's divine intervention and purpose. I wanted Caleb to go through the infant baptism to openly and publicly declare that CT and I wish to dedicate our son, Caleb to God, who has graciously given him to us.

This infant baptism is more for the parents to commit the family to the Lord by bringing Caleb up in the ways of the Lord-teach him, guide him, pray together with him etc. Basically, telling God that,"Yes, I will commit myself to bringing up Caleb in every way pleasing to the Lord."

Of course when Caleb grows up, I will give him the choice as to whether he wants to be a Christian or not but at the mean time, it is my responsibility to bring him up as God directs.

Here is Caleb's wet hair after the sprinkling of the water..

When the pastor put the water on Caleb's head and prayed for him, CT mentioned to me after the service that he felt God's presence and hand upon Caleb. Wow..

Marianne's family and my family were there to support.

Here is my niece, Janine who was hyperactive...

Janine was having fun interacting with the other babies in church.

Caleb was sleeping away soundly the whole time amidst all that was happening around him.

Here is Janine unwrapping the present Marianne got for baby Caleb. She unwrapped it rather gently and slowly.

After the service, we went home to feed Caleb and change to go out for lunch at Changi Airport Crystal Jade with my family and Marianne's family.

We ordered lots of finger food and dim sum. My favourite dim sum is always the chicken feet, steam pork ribs and century egg porridge.

Here is Phoebe (my god-daughter) trying to talk to Caleb as he just woke up..

And here is Caleb dazed

At night, we went Bukit Batok as usual for dinner at my sister-in-law's place since she is still under confinement. Here is Caleb all by himself as we had our dinner..

What a long day...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

A day in the sling

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Today, we went to AMK Hub to do our supermarketing at the NTUC Fairprice Hypermart as it was near our place. We actually wanted to go Carrefour but it was further and the weather looked threatening plus we were quite tired.

Caleb was placed in the sling for the whole time we were out. He really enjoys it and can sleep very well in it.

In the evening, CT, Caleb and I went for a stroll to Punggol Plaza to collect my photos. Let me introduce to you the new age guy....

As we were walking to Punggol Plaza, the passer-bys kept looking into the sling...
or maybe checking if the father really has his baby inside the sling. Beats me.

Here is Caleb in the sling...even when we are back home.

When CT wanted to remove the sling from his shoulders, he continue to leave the sling in the basket to make Caleb think he is still in the sling so that he can keep quiet. But he saw through our trick and started crying..

Thanks Juliane for getting me this sling! It works magic!

Pink is in

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Is this a boy or a girl?

Why is Caleb in pink top, pink shorts and sleeping on a pink pillow?

There are times when we feed him outside using a pink flowery bib and I can hear whispers around me from passer-by wondering if my child is a boy or a girl.

For the record, I didnt buy any pink stuff for Caleb. It was all hand-me-downs from friends and relatives.

Anyway, pink is cool. I love pink especially strong pink.

Looking at the above picture, look at how his legs are placed neatly together. He really loves this position.

He can even sleep when his head is going to fall off the pillow.

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