Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day off

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I do look forward now to my helper getting off on Sundays as I get to spend quality time with my children and cook for them. Yes, I know I can also do this when she is around, but its kind of different...

I remember the times when taking care of them on my helper's day off was trying and a test of my patience and endurance. But I am glad it gets better as they grow older and mature. It's definitely much easier now that they can entertain themselves by playing together.

Anyway, since it has been a while since I cooked, I prepared dinner for my family tonight. Simple food, straight from my heart..

Cooked black bean pork rib rice as well as fish soup with spinach and fish balls.

Glad everyone enjoyed the food. My little satisfaction I get from watching them finishing up all the food on their plates and bowls. ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Visit to Bishan Park

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I have no recollection of when I have ever visited Bishan Park but nevertheless, CT brought the family there today and I have to say, it's nothing as I imagined it to be. The landscaping of the park was done up quite nicely. Though it was packed with people, the surroundings were still pleasant enough to enjoy.
Caleb and Danielle had fun running about and playing the sand at the playground.

I not only enjoyed the landscaping of the place, but also the dog park where many dogs gather together to mingle with other dogs. I love just standing there and view the different breed of dogs. So adorable. I was actually amazed how they were actually mingling amicably with one another and no dog was barking. Amazing!

Also during my visit there, I spotted a squirrel on the tree and running on the field.

After our visit to the park, we went to the nearby coffee shop for chicken rice! Had an amazing evening! Guess its more fun now that the kids are older and its much easier to take care of them as they are rather independent. So whenever I know of mothers with babies and young children who still wake up in the middle of the night for feeding or their child is always crying especially at night or when they are out, I tell them to hang on..its just a phase.

Taking the lyrics from a Guns 'N' Roses song, "All we need is just a little patience" true.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lunch at Peach Garden

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Today, went out for lunch with CT's colleagues. I have gotten to know his colleagues since we were together in US for one year in 2005 when CT went there for work. Ever since that trip, CT has changed job a couple of times before returning back to this company, Tate & Lyle. This lunch was arranged so as to meet up with Bill and Cathy Skelding. Both of them have been very dear to us as they invited us to their house in Alabama and when they stayed in Singapore for a while, they also invited us over to their place for a meal. They also came over to my place for dinner before and to attend Caleb's one year old party.

Anyway, lunch was at Peach Garden, OCBC Centre.

We ordered a lot to eat..
The restaurant was located on the 33rd storey. So the view was good.
Definitely a place worth coming back again because of the great food!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Early Valentine's Day in Katong

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Went on an early Valentine's date with hubby after work today. Decided to go 112 Katong, the new mall to take a look.

Moreover, since I grew up in that area, I have been looking forward to revisit the familiar surroundings again. Whenever I go Katong, it reminds me of the times I spent growing up in the swimming pool at Chinese Swimming Club, Amber Road. Remember taking the public bus to go for my trainings, going for dinner with my family after trainings, visiting Katong Mall with my mum, eating often along the road etc etc. Great memories...

Katong has this old charm which I am in love with...I am not sure if it is the nostalgic feeling, but it sure feels special visiting the place again and checking out the new mall which has many interesting shops in it!

Had Japanese Pasta and Pizza at Yomenya Goemon for dinner.

Food quite decent but probably wont go back there again as there is nothing too special about it.

After dinner, did some shopping before walking out of the mall for some more food! Bought the famous Katong rice dumplings, Kaya and sambal prawn rice rolls from Kim Choo Kueh Chang.

Then we went back to the mall for ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery. Strange enough, the first time that CT and I had ice cream from Marble Slab Creamery was in 2005 when we were staying in Mobile, Alabama. It was near our apartment. So we would walk or drive out at times for it.

Here's the photo taken in 2005!
And here's the one in Singapore in 2012!
Though it was a short date. We had a good time eating and simply spending time together. Will definitely be back again..maybe with our children as they have a water playground on the roof top of the mall!

The next day on Valentine's Day, CT surprised me with this on the bed.

Sweet and simple gift..was very touched as its not about the amount in a gift, but the small gesture and effort that I saw touched me and reminded me once again why I married CT. Thanks dear for being a part of my life. I love you.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preparing for World Championships!

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Having since joined Robotics as my CCA last June, I have been enjoying myself and continue to marvel at how my students could have so much dedication and skills to build a robot and run it. They definitely have my respect. This coming April, I would be going with them for the World Championships in Anaheim, California. Its exciting as I love competitions. It gets my adrenaline pumping especially since I would be competing together with them as a coach in the game.

Right now, we have been preparing for the competitions and the guys have been putting in a lot of effort by building their robots, thinking of ways to improve, and rebuilding them again from scratch whenever we think of something better. The fact that they have to rebuild again and again makes me feel tired for my students but in order to improve and to stretch our students' potential, we cannot be easily satisfied with its current performance and standard.

So far, we have been exposing the students to local competitions so as to help them cope with stress and pressure of the game. However, they did not perform to their potential as the nerves get the better of them. They are too used to practicing in school that when they go to other schools to compete, they fumble. Sigh...

Besides accompanying students for competitions, I have also been overseeing the renovation of our new robotics room. It was tough as they have been many hiccups along the way.

But finally, we are glad its done.
So with this settled, the students are finally able to focus on their construction and training for the upcoming competition in April. Really wish they would do well so that they can be proud of their achievements and their sacrifice would all be worth it!

Here's our world standings to date for robot skills

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