Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preparing for World Championships!

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, February 12, 2012

Having since joined Robotics as my CCA last June, I have been enjoying myself and continue to marvel at how my students could have so much dedication and skills to build a robot and run it. They definitely have my respect. This coming April, I would be going with them for the World Championships in Anaheim, California. Its exciting as I love competitions. It gets my adrenaline pumping especially since I would be competing together with them as a coach in the game.

Right now, we have been preparing for the competitions and the guys have been putting in a lot of effort by building their robots, thinking of ways to improve, and rebuilding them again from scratch whenever we think of something better. The fact that they have to rebuild again and again makes me feel tired for my students but in order to improve and to stretch our students' potential, we cannot be easily satisfied with its current performance and standard.

So far, we have been exposing the students to local competitions so as to help them cope with stress and pressure of the game. However, they did not perform to their potential as the nerves get the better of them. They are too used to practicing in school that when they go to other schools to compete, they fumble. Sigh...

Besides accompanying students for competitions, I have also been overseeing the renovation of our new robotics room. It was tough as they have been many hiccups along the way.

But finally, we are glad its done.
So with this settled, the students are finally able to focus on their construction and training for the upcoming competition in April. Really wish they would do well so that they can be proud of their achievements and their sacrifice would all be worth it!

Here's our world standings to date for robot skills


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