Wednesday, January 26, 2011

CT's birthday celebrations...

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My hubby is a very blessed man! He has birthday celebrations for him from different groups of people- from his mum and sisters, from my parents, from his colleagues and last of all, from me! It was a time for him to get well-fed!

Here's what his mum and sister cooked for him!

Then during one of the weekdays, I met CT at Holland Village for dinner at an Italian Restaurant.

Ordered squid ink pasta, waldorf salad as well as thin crust pizza.

And as for my parents, we had dinner at Jumbo, celebrated together with Janine.

We ordered live prawns,

lamb chop,

banana fritters with scallop,

bamboo clam, fried rice, noodles etc..

Then we had peanut butter cake with strawberries which Pamela made.

After dinner as we were walking out, Danielle tripped and hit her head at the legs of the chair.

It was so bad that the manager had to rush to get zambuk to apply the ointment on her. Danielle was crying very badly..poor gal.

Thank God it didnt hit her eyes as it was quite close to it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Happenings

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Today, we went exploring our area of its latest developments. This was one of the reason why I chose to stay in a new estate-the idea of watching new buildings pop up excites me. It gives me a sense of bliss and contentment as we used to have nothing much around us.

Heard of Popeyes in town. So we went to check it out!

It is built along the river that stretches parallel to Upper Serangoon Road area.

There is also a bistro cum pub restaurant beside it.

Anyway, after checking out that area, we took away a few pieces of fried chicken and their popular mashed potatoes to snack! Very yummy!

Am proud to be living here...Love such cheap thrills

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Family trip to Universal Studios

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Our Resident Committee organised a free trip to Universal Studios this evening. But before that, we had to attend a town hall workshop addressing 3 problems in our area- Dog poo, litter at carpark and lack of child care centres. There were representatives from HDB, NEA and MCYS that came down to participate in it as well and to gather our feedback.

After the workshop, there was a light refreshments provided for us before we headed to Universal Studios to watch the fireworks.

We roamed the area for about 1 and a half hours before entering Universal Studios which opened at 7pm.

We walked quite alot as there were many things to see.

I had to buy the popcorns which I loved. Came here the first time with my colleagues and absolutely loved the Garrett Popcorns- caramel and cheese flavour mixed. However, ordered too much. Ate so much until it felt just too sinful.

At 7pm, we could finally enter Universal Studios. However, there were a lot of places not allowed to enter.

The children seemed to have fun even though the rides were not available.

Not many pictures of Danielle as she has yet to learn how to sit still and smile.

The ambience in the day and night is so different. At night, it feels so much more mystical and colourful. Too bad the rides were not open.

After sightseeing for a while, we went out to find dinner as the prices in the Theme park was quite ridiculous and the restaurants were very crowded.

We finally settled at KFC for dinner!
After dinner, we made our way to watch the crane dance at 9pm.

The show was quite spectacular and entertaining. Caleb enjoyed it a lot! As for Danielle, she found it too loud.

After watching the crane dance, we rushed back to Universal Studios for the fireworks at 930pm.

I didnt really enjoy the fireworks as it was too bright. They seemed to have used flare and it was very glaring.

Nevertheless, it was a fun but tiring day for the family. Reached home close to 11pm.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

First few days of school

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For the first few days of school, Caleb had orientation. So during my break, I popped by his school to take a look and meet his new teachers and friends.

He is now in nursery and because he has been in the school for one year already, he is very familiar with the surroundings, the teachers and friends there.

There's Caleb playing with his friend, Kristen. His usual class has been split into two classes this year. So some of his friends are over the other class. But at least, some of his other friends are still in the same class as him.

His close friends like Justin and Lucas are still in his class. So I think Caleb seems quite contented.

I pray that Caleb will continue to enjoy his school and enjoy learning.

For now, he seems to enjoy playing more than anything...hmm.

Not sure when he would take learning more seriously. Should I enforce more structured time for me to teach him or should I let nature takes it course? I have no idea.

Monday, January 03, 2011

Date at NEX

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Went on a date with CT at the new shopping centre, Nex. Took a train there together and had lunch at Jack's place. I had a ribeye steak while CT had a T-bone steak.

The top level at Nex has a nice playground-wet and dry for the children.

Will definitely bring the kids here to play!

There is also a playground for dogs!

Went Isetan at Nex for some shopping before heading back home. Here's what we got for the kids..A trumpet, saxophone, and goggles for Danielle.

We actually used the vouchers which my mum gave for Danielle's birthday to buy those presents. Thanks mum!

Danielle loved her goggles and didnt want to remove them.

And here's how Danielle looked after finally taking off those goggles

Now I cant wait to take the children for a swim (once the cold weather goes away first) to try out the new goggles!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New beginnings..

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A new year is a new start, a new beginning to things. New year to me is like hitting the reset button. All those past 'mistakes', that become great learning opportunities, are all gone starting from now. Its time to try to make things right. Things like how I can be a more effective teacher? What strategies should I adopt to help my students get their As?

I do not know how this 2011 year will end, but I do hope that along the way, I will make little adjustments to whatever problems I might face so that I can correct it there and then. My new year resolution is to be make a more conscious effort in the things I love to do and want to stop giving myself excuses. To put in simply, "Just do it!"

Tonight, I specially prepared steamboat cum BBQ for my family so that we can all dine in together at the comfort of our own home.

I always believe in a family sitting together around the dinner table and having a good meal as we fellowship and have meaningful conversations. But of course, right now, Caleb and Danielle just loves to stare at the TV while eating and have not learnt how to make conversations yet, but I am hoping to change all that and inculcate great and meaningful family time every day.

Here's our simple New Year's dinner! I prepared beef (marinated with Japanese BBQ sauce and garlic), pork, fresh prawns (marinated with wine, ginger and salt), threadfin fish slices (marinated with sesame oil, ginger, pepper, salt, soy sauce), shitake mushrooms, veggies, egg beancurd and homemade meatballs.

This is my version of comfort food!

The beef and prawns was the highlight of the dinner. Even Vicky who doesnt eat beef, enjoyed eating a slice of it!

Happy 2011 to one and all! May this year be a meaningful and purposeful one!

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