Monday, October 25, 2010

Caleb's got mail

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Its quite rare that Caleb gets his own letter. All thanks to godma, he received a letter today which he excitedly ripped open!

Its an invitation to Asher's toy story birthday party

After receiving the invitation card, Caleb was holding it the whole night. He even commented that he wanted to watch the cartoon.

And for the record, ever since we played the Toy story 3 movie for him, he has always been asking us to play for him again and again. He has watched it for about 4 times ever since.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things we do for love...

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What do you love doing? Is your love selfish or selfless? Reflecting is what I do everyday-whenever I drive, take the bus, waiting for someone, push the pram as I take a walk with my kids etc etc. Questions I ask myself would also include- have I been doing the right thing? How can I improve? What should I be doing more for my family and friends? (Chee Tiong says I think too much...I admit, he's right!)

So far at this point in time, both my kids love music. They will get excited when they hear a nice song played on TV or radio. Caleb would be holding on to his chopsticks (he has starting holding since he was few months old) while Danielle would be trying to dance. Caleb loves drums...

As for Danielle, I feel she is more patient with the piano. She could sit there for long and carefully press the keys with her fingers. Unlike Caleb who would come by and just punch all the piano keys violently with his fist.

As for Chee Tiong, he is a great family man. He loves being at home and eating home cooked meals. He tries to make it a point to bring the family out during weekends just to do something the kids love e.g to the park in Pasir ris, to shopping centres etc. Its wonderful to see how much he loves the kids and tries to spend time with them.

As for myself, I just love cooking for the family and seeing them enjoy eating what I cooked.

I am very appreciative of my family and I do wish we can continue to show love towards one another and stay united.

Thank you God for Chee Tiong, Caleb and Danielle (and not forgetting my wonderful helper, Vicky)!

What constitutes a good family meal?

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Home cooked food is always very comforting. Each time before I go visit my parents, I would always wonder what dishes I would be having for dinner as my mum usually pulls out something interesting and always yummy.

Its usually a pleasant surprise.

Today was no different. On the dining table, were a wide spread of food- food that has everybody's FAVOURITE on it, food cooked for different kinds of people, with various tastebuds.

There were lamb chop, fried fish with herbs (for those who dont eat lamb), mashed potatoes, mexican salad with chicken, tortillas, steamed cauliflower with cream of mushroom and crispy bacon as well as chinese dishes like spinach, pork belly probably for the kids as they can eat it with rice.

A very well-thought out menu indeed.

Thanks mum!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bonding session

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It was Vicky's off day today and CT had a pair of basketball match tickets which was given by his colleague. It was a match between the Singapore Slingers and KL Dragons. So, CT took Caleb out for a guys bonding session to the Indoor Stadium to catch the match!

Heard from CT that Caleb wasn't interested in the match at all. He was busy playing with the chairs.

While both of them were out, I brought Danielle to the supermarket to buy stuff to cook for dinner and so the gals basically stayed home to cook and waited for the boys to come home. Had a great day spending time alone with Danielle and just bonding with her.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Invited over

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Invited my in-laws over to my place tonight to celebrate Ally's birthday in advance as she would be going to Shanghai with MIL during her birthday. I thought she would like Western food. So cooked mashed potatoes, fruit salad, pan fried fish with fresh herbs, BBQ chicken wings and potato, leek soup as well as homemade fizzy lemonade

There's Caleb helping me out to prepare..

After dinner, the kids were busy playing with the ipad which Gilfred brought along.

They were playing educational games as well as car racing game.I am glad I do not own an ipad because my kids would probably want to play all the time!

And there's the cheesecake which Ally made for her own birthday! Goodness! She insisted because she said cakes bought in stalls are way too expensive.

After eating the cake, we all still had magnum ice cream! Including the children!

We all had a wonderful time! Think I shall prepare Japanese food the next time round when I invite them over. I really do enjoy inviting people over.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Children's Day Celebration

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I never did celebrate Children's Day with my kids as I felt they were still too young for me to do anything with them. To me, I guess I only feel its proper to celebrate with them once they know such a day exists and that would probably be when they are about 4 or 5 years old.

But decided to bring them to Go go Bambini (Indoor Playground) because my cell group had plans to have the outing there since its Children's Day. Caleb and Danielle both had so much fun there! Even I was having fun and wished I was shorter as most of the obstacles required me to bend down. I was literally on all fours as I played with them, crawling through the tunnel on my knees till it hurts so bad.

Oh, I just realised I didnt take any pictures of Caleb playing in the playground because he was running quickly at different places. Both Caleb and Danielle ended up enjoying this long and pitch dark slide that goes round and round. I was surprised they were not afraid of it.

After playing for about 2 hours (which I felt was long, but judging by what I see, the kids could go on forever in the playground!), we all went to NUS for dinner at Chilli Padi. It was a great place to go for dinner as the restaurant was so spacious with very few people since not many would know of that place. Its in a secluded part of NUS, near Prince George's Park Hostels at Heng Mui Keng Terrace. Its a Peranakan buffet costing only $15 per person after tax! So affordable! For Caleb and Danielle, its free! So even more worth it!

There was penang assam laksa, braised pork belly with steamed bun, different kinds of curry, lontong, assorted desserts etc etc..

The kids had fun eating the colourful desserts!

I will definitely love to come back here again!

Happy Children's Day to Caleb and Danielle! May you always be as energetic, innocent, full of life, being in wonderment and awe of the things all around you and having that child-like faith forever and ever!

Chilli Padi Nonya Café
29 Heng Mui Keng Terrace
#06-21 (Ground Level)
Singapore 119620
Tel: 6872 2982 Fax: 6872 3982

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