Thursday, February 19, 2009

2nd time swimming

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, February 19, 2009
This morning, I decided to go alone with Caleb to the swimming pool. I wanted him to get used to the water and at the same time, give Vicky some time at home to do her housework.

So off I went taking public transport to the complex. It was a "so near yet so far" situation for me as by car, its only about 5-7 mins drive. However, when I took public transport, it was almost an hour long! First, I took an LRT from my place to the MRT station. Then took the NEL train and alighted after one stop. Then from there, I took an LRT train to the Complex which was also one stop away. From the LRT station to the swimming complex was about 7 mins walk but since I had Caleb with me and he is so heavy, I made him walk which took ages!

This time round, Caleb seemed to be able to show more confidence. However, from the start, he was still afraid as he was clinging on to me and then I thought to myself,"Oh boy, did I just waste my time and effort to come all the way here?" But after some pacifying, I got to teach him how to kick with his legs properly and use his hands to pull, just to get the 'feel' of the water. He enjoyed that and at the same time, I was getting my work out as I moved his limbs.

We spent about 2 hours in the pool and as usual, bathing him was a challenge. Oh by the way, I actually forgot to take off his diapers as he was already wearing his swimming shorts and he kept wanting to get into the pool. I felt so embarrased but glad that the diapers was clearly hidden inside his shorts.

He was so tanned after the swim.

At the MRT station while waiting for the train, I caught this baffling Ikea advertisement which keep making me ponder what does it mean.

Caleb is quite well behaved when taking the train. He would sit down properly and look around. He knows that the train is moving, so he has to be sitted. How nice as I do not have to chase him all over the train.

Check out his curls at the back of his head.

I had a great time with Caleb this morning. But I am considering whether to do it again as I was so exhausted physically after that from carrying him at times and climbing up the stairs of the station.


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