Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, June 17, 2012

I have always felt being a father is a very special and important role...In fact, I feel it's more important than a mum in certain sense. Of course both play different roles but there's just something about Dad that somehow has greater influence on their children than mum.

So for any dads reading this..I really feel that your influence is very great on your children and your children is watching you and imitating you slowly but surely. The reason why I say this is from my observation. Most children take after their dad's temperament and actions as like it or not, a dad is supposed to be the head and leader. Mum just plays a supportive role and guides the child. I have seen cases where the mum can say a thousand times to the child to stop doing something and when the dad comes home and just stares and say it once, the child would stop immediately.

Well, in any case, I appreciate good fathers and fathers who makes a concerted effort to be with their children and be hands on with them. Have a soft spot for them actually..

So to appreciate them, I got the children to make cards for daddy.

Here's Danielle's card on the left and Caleb's on the right..

I, too, decided to write my dad a card to show my appreciation!

We also brought my dad out for dinner outside their house at Lai Huat Sambal Fish Restaurant. Love that place!!

While waiting for the food, my bro, sis-in-law and myself played a game by reading this whole story on how this restaurant came's not that easy especially as we were reading the words from the back.

We ordered lots of food like oyster omelette, ngor hiang, fried sambal pomfret, steamed pomfret, bean curd, veggies, emperor chicken..

The food was delicious and reasonably priced! Would definitely recommend to anyone who likes a decent chi char place at Siglap.

Lai Huat Sambel Fish Restaurant 17 Upper East Coast Road (junction of Upp East Coast Road and Jalan Tua Kong) 64489077 (for reservation)


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