Monday, June 11, 2012

First church camp

Posted by Dawn at Monday, June 11, 2012

It's our first church camp as a family with 2 children and with our church. So that's why I was looking forward to it. Moreover, the hotel of our camp is just 10 mins drive from the causeway and it's new- KSL Resort & Hotel where the hotel is above the shopping mall.

There were still construction going on when we were there and it's only through God's grace that the hotel could accommodate us in such a short period of time. Understand from the camp committee that just a week back, the swimming pool and ballroom was still undergoing construction! That's really unthinkable.

The food was quite nice. Usually I would look forward to this as they have all my favourite dishes to go with my bowl of porridge.

They even have a whole range of different style of cooking eggs- half boiled, omelette, sunny side up and scrambled.

The children ate quite well. Am glad they are not fussy eaters.

One of the days, we had games with our groups. We belonged to the green group and the games were so much fun! It wasn't easy managing about 500 plus campers...but everything went smoothly and well.

Here's our tower of footwear belonging to our group members

During the camp, Danielle needed her beauty sleep. So she was sleeping in strange places most of the time wherever we were..she just slept!

My sleeping beauty..

The children had their own kids' programme with activities and movies. Here's Danielle coming back with her art work.

And here's Samuel and Jonathan whom the children got to know better during this trip!

We had free time to go swimming as well. Danielle's wound couldn't touch both of us were extra cautious.

Our camp speaker was Dr. Corne Bekker who is an associate dean for academics of Rhema Bible College in South Africa but has moved to US with his family. A very clear speaker in the Word and prophetic as he depends on the Spirit to guide him. During one of the sessions, he actually singled out specific individuals in the congregation as God had a word for them and it was so specific that you know he's not kidding. For e.g he felt God wanted him to pray for this woman who has a young toddler who has been having nightmares and when the woman came out to receive prayers, he told her that her daughter has been chosen by God for great things and the reason why she is having nightmares is because she has a special eye to see things at night. It was amazing..

On Sunday, Rev Michael Ross Watson came to join us to give a sermon as well and I loved his messages all the time because it was sincere and his life stories are always so amazing!

All in all, I have to say this church camp has been very amazing. Reason is because there were a lot of teething problems relating to the logistics and even going up and down the elevator to our rooms took us about 30 mins to 45 mins just to go up as there will be a long queue or the lift would spoil etc etc. Even Caleb experience being stuck in the lift ALL BY HIMSELF as we pressed the lift button from outside, but the lift door just closed and Caleb went into the lift first and the door just closed on him. Of course, he panicked and cried and the lift also went up. We thought we would lose him but thank God, the lift managed to go back down as Caleb pressed the lobby button.

But all in all, with so many problems because of how new this hotel is, the whole atmosphere of the campers were just thanksgiving and there were no complains or grouses. Everyone was patient and understanding towards the hotel management. Praise God!


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