Saturday, November 06, 2010

Caleb's 2nd performance

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, November 06, 2010
I am glad Caleb's school has given him a lot of opportunities to perform, considering he is only in Pre-Nursery. His last performance was the kindergarten's 10th year anniversary celebration, while this time round is the annual concert cum graduation ceremony.

Caleb had a number of combined rehearsals before this and we were pretty excited but yet not putting too much hope because Caleb has his moods. If he refuses to do something, nobody can force him to.

He was cranky in his last performance that he didnt make it up on stage but manage to perform at the foyer area after the concert with the rest of the kids for others who might have missed their performance.

So I was half expecting that maybe Caleb wont turn up on stage this time round again but to my surprise, he did appear on stage. In fact, I'm sure everyone noticed him. Reason is because he just stood on stage without moving much, throughout the whole performance.

Was I embarrassed? Well, actually no. In fact, I was proud that he made it up on stage. That is a huge step in my opinion. It takes guts to do that and he did it. Of course if I were to compare him with his friends, I would be disappointed because his friends were all dancing so well.

But from young, I never liked my parents or anyone to compare me with others as I feel I am unique and I do not want to be like others. So I wouldn't want to compare my children with anybody and feel very strongly that each child is unique in his/her own way.I thank God for that because I also do not want my kid to just do what others are doing but to have a mind of their own. That shows character. Of course if I dont nurture that well, he might turn rebellious and disobedient. But if I nurture it positively, character is definitely a good thing as he would stand up for what is good and not blindly follow others without thinking.

So anyway, I am just glad that Caleb has made improvements from his last performance and I will continue to encourage him and help him to succeed. Good job Caleb! I am very proud of you for at least trying!


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