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Posted by Dawn at Friday, January 01, 2010
Everytime when I go to a friend's place who has young children, I always have the feeling that I am depriving my children of something.

Recently, we went to CT's schoolmate's daughter's one month old party and they already have an elder daughter. So there were quite a fair bit of toys in the room for kids to play. Caleb and Danielle stayed the whole time in the room, playing away with their toys. So you can imagine how much they enjoyed it there...or rather, how much I have 'deprived' them.

There was this Barnie erasable drawing board which was big and colourful! Even I was playing with it!

There's the elder daughter who was 4 years old.

Danielle had fun riding this. She even knew how to move it with her legs.

They also had this winnie the pooh fridge where you can put ice in the bucket and then once you close the fridge, you can place your cup on the ice dispenser and the 'ice' will drop out. Its fun!

Danielle also had lots of fun with this wooden recorder. She blew into it and produced a sound which amused her greatly.

Anyway, though I feel I deprived my kids in some sense when I compare (bottomline: dont compare), I also feel that its not practical to have so many toys as they will outgrow it and children get bored of toys very easily. It also takes up space and will just end up in one room or corner, collecting dust.

Moreover, the children themselves do not feel that they are being deprived. Give them a stick, keys or a spoon and they can be happy swinging it or making noise with it!


Sher on Thursday, January 21, 2010 said...

hey my kids are ALWAYS like tt when they go to someone else's house. Even if there is NOTHING in that house they act like there's so much to do (climb here, climb there, hide-and-seek with chairs etc). like they've been deprived.

it's just novelty!

i bet u if my kids went to your place they'd be all over the mat, tent, balls, etc.

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