Saturday, January 09, 2010

Love and Hate relationship

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, January 09, 2010
Caleb has this love and hate relationship when it comes to swimming. I think he loves to swim and play with water, but he hates it when the water is cold. But at the end of it, he still choose to love than hate as he fights the cold by shivering..

As for Danielle, she loved it. She would whine initially as she first touched the cold water, but once she warmed up, and gotten used to the water, she loved it!

All in all, we had fun playing in the water.

Actually during each swimming session with the kids, I try to suppress my feelings. Inside me, I do wish I can just make them swim well and confidently so that they can start taking part in swimming competitions at the age of 5 or 6 which was the time I started but I know if I am going to do that, they may just end up hating swimming. So I keep telling myself that I should not expect them to be like me or cramp them with too many skills at one time..I had to control myself and just focus on letting them enjoy the water and having confidence first.

After the swim, Caleb had a BIG appetite! When the rice was placed on the table, he immediately went for it!

It was hilarious, seeing him attack the rice like that!

We were having dinner at Changi Village. I ordered the fried fish while Caleb and CT had ayam penyet. I understand from my Malay colleagues that you should look out for the purple stall which sells great ayam penyet (smashed fried chicken).

CT also ordered tahu goreng which was rather spicy and has lots of garlic. But it does taste really nice and fragrant! (opps think I took this picture slightly too late. The tahu seemed to have disappeared into our tummies real fast)

I was really proud of Caleb as he was feeding himself. Just one week in school and he has learnt to feed himself. So glad he is learning!

After dinner, Caleb was playing with the cat. I am glad he loves animals and is not afraid of them.

I want my kids to be brave and not being afraid of anything. So thats why whenever I see a lizard or cockroach, instead of running away or saying, "Yikes"..I would say, "Wow! Check that out!"..I try to make it sound so exciting! haha.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

It's me again. :)

Was wondering where did you get that big float (with the words Sunsmart) for the kids?

I want to introduce my baby to the pool soon, and want to look for something that she can "sit" in and play with water first


Dawn on Sunday, February 07, 2010 said...

Hi Anna,

That was actually passed down to me by my friend. But I think I have seen floats like that in Kiddy palace or Giant hypermart. Hope you can find it! ;p

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