Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Caleb's 1st wedding

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, May 05, 2010
For the longest time, I have been attending wedding dinners without the children as they not only sleep early but they can also be very restless and noisy, so for practical reasons, its best to leave them at home.

Finally today, we decided to bring Caleb along for CT's uncle's wedding at Conrad.

Moreover, Keelia (Caleb's cousin) was there. So we thought at least he has a playmate if he ever gets restless.

The food was quite good. Quite expected since its cooked by Golden Peony Restaurant- one of the top 50 restaurants in Singapore.

Dinner did not start too late as there was the ROM ceremony on stage before dinner. So most guests came early.

Here's Caleb trying to imitate the bride by putting a "veil" over his face.

And there's Caleb with his great granduncle (Tai Chik Kong)

Surprisingly, Caleb was very well behaved throughout the wedding. He sat down at his high chair for most of the time. So proud of him. Maybe I shall consider bringing him for the next wedding dinner...we shall see.


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