Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eat with Your Family Day

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, May 26, 2010
As I was just talking about this event in my last post. This is a yearly event held usually the last day of school just before the June Holidays. This year, the theme seems to centre around "Fatherhood".

I know of many married women who feel that they can juggle well without their husband as they feel their husband also do not do much around the house, but only know how to work and come home to sleep. So divorces happen as the women think they can do without them since they can multi task better and are can handle work and family at the same why do we need men?

Well, that is a very superficial point of view in my opinion. Having a father figure in your child's life is so important as mum and dad play different roles. Research shows that when dads aren't involved, children are more likely to do drugs, become depressed and fail in school. I don't know how to explain this but there's just something about fathers that children look up to, respect and regard them as role models.

I remember listening to a sermon that preached about fatherhood and this preacher actually aimed that he could be his son's hero and his daughter could wish that her future husband would be someone like him. How nice..

Anyway, back to my celebration...

My family celebrated this event a day earlier with my parents and my brother's family. I often eat together with my brother's family and parents but just so to make this event a little more special and out of the norm, we had steamboat cum bbq. Felt like we were celebrating Chinese New Year!

Am very thankful for this day to take place as Caleb just had a fever and flu few days back. Glad he is feeling much better and regaining his appetite.

As for Danielle, she is most of the time strong and healthy with great appetite!

There's Danielle at my parent's place during dinner. Check out her red mark on her neck. Caleb actually stamped her neck!

Anyway, Happy "Eat with your Family" Day!


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