Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Eversince I gave birth to Danielle, I have been thankful each day for my two lovely children (Though they each have their own personalities and at times, my patience gets tested when Caleb can get very cheeky and playful and when Danielle can be a gobbling monster (dont look at her innocent face and think she's always an angel)-always wanting milk especially when I am in dreamland during the middle of the night, and waking me every hour or two at times.

But deep down, I love both of them very much despite how much sleep they have robbed me of, the number of times they puked on me or poo poo on me,and even though I am growing strands of white hair because of them...I still love them as much from the very first day they came out of my tummy.

Today, I had the chance to take a picture of Danielle lifting up her head. Wasnt easy to take as I was carrying her as well...but here it is! She has lifted her head since she was 5 days in my eyes, I think she is one strong baby!

On this New Year's Eve, I went to my mum's place for dinner. We had Japanese sukiyaki. I love it because its healthy and yummy.

Caleb and Janine were playing with each other.

Here's CT burping Danielle which seemed from the picture like he was strangling her. Haha..evidence!

After dinner, went back home and tried to stay awake for the countdown...but couldnt take it as I was dozing off. But before that, here's Danielle's New Year present for me on the eve of New Year!

Yup, she just puked big time on me when we came home...sigh...I still love her.

Just recently, I had 2 weeks of intensive massage from this lady whom I have engaged to help me in the post natal massage and I have recently finished the sessions with her.So CT asked me whether I think her massage was worth the money...and my reply was, "Yes, because I made a new friend." (aside from how effective her massage was).I am really thankful to have met Suzanne, my masseuse and glad I got to know her personally.

Though 2008 seemed like a bad year for most people because of the economic crisis and all the attacks or bombs, for me, it had been a wonderful year as I was given the opportunity to teach a number of graduating classes and be in charge of certain areas in school as well as the birth of Danielle and how Caleb has been growing well, the wonderful friends I have made, the family I have...

I feel I have grown throughout this year and am thankful to God for all that has happened this year.

2009 will be a year of uncertainty for me- should I stop work now that I have 2 kids? And if I do, what should I do- full time housewife or what? Should I continue to teach in schools or give private tuition? I really do not know but just continue praying and awaiting for God to reveal His directions to me. But for now, I just cant wait to start the new year!


Hebrew_Star on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 said...

I ALMOST bought a similar blouse (that you are wearing in the photo - the purple one) for you as Christmas gift... Muahahaha..... Luckily didn't buy! *phew*

Dawn on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 said...

its a plain purple long sleeve shirt..

dot on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 said...

i'm glad for all the good things that have come your way in 08. in a time where all anybody can think about is gloom & doom, your post reminds me to be thankful for all that I have.

Dawn on Thursday, January 15, 2009 said...

I am also glad that my post has reminded you of being thankful. Have a great year ahead!

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