Thursday, December 18, 2008

Out of the house

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, December 18, 2008
This time round, I become smarter as I go straight to polyclinic after Danielle is discharged instead of going to pediatrician which I feel is a waste of money and my time. The last time when I had Caleb, I went to the pediatrician and because she was so popular, the clinic was so crowded with babies, parents, grandparents and maids. So after a few visits, I switched to polyclinic and boy, the waiting time is about the same and the amount I had to pay in polyclinic was free since I am a civil servant.

So now with Danielle, immediately took her to polyclinic for a jaundice checkup to monitor her level just in case. I have to say the doctors in the polyclinic are quite thorough as they check Danielle's response, her movements, her limbs etc.

The trip to the polyclinic wasnt easy though its near by as I now have Caleb with me and its a little challenging since Caleb is so active. Anyway, brought Vicky and Caleb along as well as Vicky could help me out if I needed any. Took a bus there..

After the checkup, while waiting for the bus, Caleb was playing in the field and admiring the moon which was still in the sky and the migratory birds.. The weather was fabulous and chilly. I loved it!

Danielle slept throughout her visit to the polyclinic even when the nurse drew blood from her, she was sound asleep. How nice.

Back home, again, she was in her usual lying position. Now I appreciate babies who have not yet learnt how to walk as they just lay there in bed..Dont need me to chase and run after her for now.

CT's company sent a baby hamper as you can see in the background

So far Danielle has been quite easy to take care, except for the sleepless nights I have which I was quite prepared for. Sleepless because she wakes up often to drink milk. She is one hungry baby!

I am one who is comfortable with numbers so I needed to express my milk to see how much my baby is drinking and just at one week old, she is drinking over 100 ml! And there are times, she is still hungry and needs me to supplement as I breastfeed her. I also get tired from feeding her that I too use formula so that Vicky or CT can feed her as well as I take a break. Ha. So for me to wean her off breastfeeding wont be a problem as she is adaptable.


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