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Posted by Dawn at Friday, December 12, 2008
On Thursday night, I was pretty nervous as I would be checking into the hospital the very next morning at 7am. I dunno why but it felt like a 'death sentence' as I was not looking forward to the labour and the epidural. So the only thing I could do was to focus on the birth of the baby and psyche myself that its all part of the process of giving birth.

Purposely chose this day to give birth because of the date- easy to remember. Moreover, it is passed my expected date of delivery already,my tummy is getting way too heavy, I am already 4cm dilated and I am feeling the strain in all areas of my body.

Gynae told me to check in early this morning as there would be quite a number of people who will be giving birth as well. My gynae herself has 4 patients this morning.

Here's me checked into the labour ward already, waiting for stronger contractions to signal that the baby would be coming out.

And I purposely didnt eat breakfast before I left as I know that the hospital would provide me breakfast. Hehe.. I ordered fish porridge with milo and apple juice. My gynae encourages her patients to eat so that they would have strength to push later. Most will not do so for fear of vomitting. Well, as long as I am full, I am one happy patient.

After breakfast, the nurse came in to check my dilation which was 5cm and then she carried on to break my water bag. Who says the breaking of water bag is painless? It is only painless if it bursts naturally but for someone to stick their hands in and twist or pinch it, ouch, it hurts so bad... It was my first time experiencing it as the last time I had Caleb, the water bag burst when I was at home.

As the contractions grew more regular and stronger, I was given epidural though one or two nurses (as well as CT) encourage me to go without to experience the labour pains. I just told them, "No thanks as I want to enjoy my labour." Any regrets? Well, the last time, I was so satisfied with the epidural jab as my labour was absolutely painless but this time round, I kind of regretted asking for epidural as it didnt work! The nurse didnt increase my dosage and I could still wiggle my toes and feel everything!!

I could feel that it was time for me to push as the baby's head seemed to push against my bladder and vagina area causing pain. I told CT that it felt just like shitting and I had the strong urge to just push. Because the gynae was busy with other patients, she wasnt around. So the nurse was there to open up my legs and teach me to breath in and out.

When the gynae finally arrived, CT and the nurse could already see the hair of the baby at the entrance. Once the gynae came in, she immediately stretched my vagina and everything happened so I pushed and pushed with all my might and could feel the baby gushing out of me, including the placenta.., I could feel the gynae stitching my wounds. much for epidural.

All that pain was finally worth it once the baby was out.

This time round, the baby was much cleaner than when I gave birth to Caleb. Caleb was all sandy looking but this baby was surprisingly quite clean. Maybe its due to the coconut juice I had during my last few weeks of pregnancy, which some aunties believe that the juice helps to make the baby clean when giving birth. Dunno how true.

Baby Danielle was finally born on 12 Dec 2008, at 11:18am, weighing at 3.32 kg. (which was one whole kg heavier than Caleb)

Danielle was screaming at the top of her lungs when she came out. Very fierce baby.

After giving birth, I was resting at the labour ward for them to wheel me into my room. This time round, I opted for a one-bedder as I wanted privacy. In the evening at about 3 plus pm, my parents came to visit me. CT also brought Vicky and Caleb as well. I missed Caleb and was surprised that he was asking for "Mei Mei". I couldnt believe he actually spoke those words. Just one day without seeing Caleb, I felt he has matured.

At night, my in-laws as well as my chidren's godma and family came. They have all been excited about me giving birth and wanting to see the baby.

I thank God for Danielle's hair as well as her dimples which is more defined than Caleb's.

And finally a shot together..(too bad Caleb was not around to take with us)


Sher on Thursday, December 18, 2008 said...

oooh!! wat a beauty!! now i really wish i had gotten to see her when i visited!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dawn!

Congrats on your baby girl, she's gorgeous. Hope you're doing well (:


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