Friday, April 29, 2005

Finally went out!

Posted by Dawn at Friday, April 29, 2005
Today, I went to Kok Fong's wife's apartment at 12 noon as arranged. Her name is Gek Teng. We walked out of our apartment to the main road. We walked inside and did not cross a road. We just stayed on the side of the roads we were at. We walked for about 15 mins and settled into a "HoneyBaked Ham" store for lunch. I had a classic honeybaked ham sandwich with iced tea. It tasted good. It is not cheap. About 6 US per person. Well, I guess I am used to paying that amount here. Cannot compare here and Singapore.

After that, we walked a while and went into "Dollar General" store for some shopping since Gek Teng has not been before. After that, we walked home. Then, I went to her apartment and just stayed there and chatted. We checked up on prices to rent cars and watched TV together. She passed me her VCDs which she brought over as her DVD cannot play the VCDs but mine can. Think there is some code to break but she has not yet known how to.

I went back to my apartment at 4pm and watched "Oprah Winfrey show". I do watch this show once in a while if the topic that day is interesting. Today was very interesting as the show was filmed in the prison as Oprah interviewed a woman who ran over and killed her cheating husband. She was telling her side of the story of how she found out her husband was cheating on her by being sexually involved with his colleague and how the husband agreed to end off his adulterous relationship to save his marriage. But on the day he planned to break off with the mistress, both adulterous pair was seen in a hotel instead. So, the wife followed them and started confronting the woman and was very angry. The mistress took off in a car and the wife followed and happened to run over the husband. She claimed that she did not see his husband but from a video clip taken by a PI during the scene, she was running over twice.

But her side of the story sounded very convincing as she has proven to love her husband very much. When she knew he had a mistress, she quit her job, went for gym everyday, even planned to go for plastic surgury just to be more attractive for her husband. Experts who studies the video and situation felt that it was not possible for the wife to see the husband where the husband was standing.

It was quite sad as the daughter now hates her mum as the daugther was in the car when she ran over her dad. But her 2 other boys forgive her. So now, she cannot wait to get out of prison to raise her kids. She is being imprisoned for 20 years. Sigh..I believe that when a person is agitated and confused, he or she cannot think straight and they have the ability to do anything even if they do not want to.

After watching this, I feel that it can happen to anyone and it is very real. Like how people commit suicide because of BGR or for other reasons. In a moment of spur, anything can happen.

It is easy to say, stay calm whenever in such a situation but to do it, it is another story. All I know is that God is only a prayer away and He loves all of us. With that assurance, I know I cannot bear to break His heart and I can always turn to Him. Well, you can too!


Hebrew_Star on Friday, April 29, 2005 said...

You title like macham you caged bird...ha ha ha, but I can TOTALLY empathise with your situation.

Have fun exploring. Looks like I've got to spend the bulk of my time in Alabama. So much to see and do!! ha ha ha... ;o)


Ling Kin Yew on Sunday, May 01, 2005 said...

:) decided to leave a paw mark here!
alas! may we never fall into e sin of temptation, stayg true to our spouse always!

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