Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Tour of Fairhope

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, April 13, 2005
This morning, woke up at 5am to fry the beef patty, cook portabello mushrooms to add to the beef and a swiss cheese on top to melt it. I made the beef patties thick-more shiok to eat! hehe.. So, early in the morning, I felt so stinky already because of all the cooking. But, for someone I love, it does not matter. It was for his lunch.So, I had to also prepare light breakfast for him. Cooked sausages and toast bread for him to eat.

After CT left, I went back to sleep a while more until 8 plus am. Cathy came to pick me up at 1045am and brought me out. She came in a Toyota Solara car. There is no such model in Singapore but boy, it is beautiful car. I love it! It is a sporty version of the camry, 2 doors. The rear mirror even has a digitised compass to tell you which direction you are heading. Quite cool. Well, I love cars and love driving them. So, that explains my excitement.

Cathy brought me to Fairhope today. It is another town about 45mins to 1 hour drive. It did not feel long as the whole time, I was talking to her. So, in fact, I felt we reached our destination quite fast. She brought me first to the piers, the waters of the gulf...Was disappointed as the water was kelong water. She said it is not usually like that. So maybe it is because of the rain..that stirs up the bottom of the sea. Walked along the pier where there were 2 people fishing. Cant believe they still fish when the water is so dirty looking.

After that, we walked to the park along the beach where there were ducks and geese. One of the geese bit Cathy all of a sudden and scared her. She told me that when she brought her family and grandchildren to the park, when they started to feed them, the geese flew to the kids and scared them in a funny manner. Oh well,animals are like that.. you cannot expect them to always be so friendly.

The area is quite nice with a fountain and flowers. Cathy says that during summer, the flowers will bloom even more. So, it will be nicer. Fairhope is like another town, but it is a more expensive area. So, the houses are more expensive and when we walked in the town and visit the small shops, it is all so expensive. Nothing caters to tourists.
Had lunch at a deli and ate salad. I enjoyed it a lot as it is healthy and delicious. Had a 3-in-1 salad: seafood salad, coleslaw and fruit salad with 2 biscuits. Cathy ordered the same. She insisted on giving me a treat, though I actually planned to give her one.

After lunch, we walked around and then drove to the marina area where you can see boats. Then she drove back to Mobile area and went to Sam's Club. Boy, it is super big! Only members are allowed to go in...but members can bring a guest in. So at the door, you have to flash your membership card. It is like a huge warehouse which sells everything! From medicine to groceries to household goods to cameras and computers etc.. It is special because the price is very reasonable and everything is in bulk. They do not provide plastic bags when you check out. They will place it straight in your trolley cart. I asked Cathy why is that so. She said because this place is like a warehouse, they do not supply. They can only give you boxes to contain the things you buy. All the goods they sell are still in boxes.

Another strange thing I noticed is that quite a number of people there use their cheque to purchase. So, they would write the amount and sign the cheque on the spot and give it to the counter lady. I asked Cathy why did she do it. Isnt it troublesome to write a cheque? She said she is used to it. Hmm..

I came home really happy as I got to see many things today. Came home about 4 plus pm. Bathed and received a call from Tracy, Bob Ewing's wife (Another wife of CT's colleague). She asked me out tomorrow to go to a fruit and vegetable farm. Of course, I said, YES! Cant wait!

At night, went out for grocery shopping together with CT and Teck Meng. Went to Winn Dixie and met James and Cecilia there. All 4 of them wearing Tate & Lyle uniform polo shirt. So, it looked real cute to see them wearing the same thing. The company supplies them uniforms which is real nice. It is nice polo tees and wrangler jeans..altogether about 9-11 sets! So, CT has so many jeans all of a sudden! Quite generous of the company.

After shopping, went for dinner at Dairy's Queen. Teck Meng recommended and said it was better than KFC chicken. SO, I had to try. Dairy Queen in Singapore sells only ice cream. But it sells chicken and burgers etc here. We ordered a 18 pc chicken set and onion ring basket. TM says that the chicken is not that big. It is only chicken breast fillets. So,we thought 18 is ok. But it was not what I expected. I find it quite huge and so we dabao back for our meals the next day. The onion rings here are nice as they put real onions inside. It is more authentic. Onions have a natural sweetness in them. So, I enjoyed it. It does not smell.

Came back to watch the results of American Idol. Felt so bloated when came home. Also felt heaty because of the fried food I just had. So, I made honey drink for me and CT. After that, when I went to brush my teeth, I was bleeding. I think it is my gums. I was scared as it kept coming out after many gargles of water. So, CT used a tissue to compress it. I quickly went to boil some young ginseng root with salt to help. Seriously, I do not know if it helps to cool down my body...but I like to try what I have. Hehe..


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