Monday, April 18, 2005

Great weather

Posted by Dawn at Monday, April 18, 2005
Baked chocolate chip and walnut cookies today since I did not know what to do during my free time. I made bite size cookies and I prefer small and cute looking ones. CT could bring to work tomorrow to share with his colleagues. This is actually my first time baking as I do not have a sweet tooth. But I know CT likes to eat cookies and it will be good to share with his colleagues, so I decided to bake it for them. Never had such time and motivation to do it until now. Ha.

As I was watching TV this afternoon, I saw a info commercial on TV which caught my eye. I saw the same advertisement before and wanted to purchase the item, but CT did not allow as we were overspending. But over the past few days, we have saved a lot, so he promised me that he would allow. It is actually a product called "Smartware". It is great for cooking as it will evenly cook the food and will not burn at the bottom. For e.g if I bake cookies, the cookies will be evenly cook and the botton will not be dark brown.. I can also cook steak, fish and chicken on one tray of the smartware and the odour will not affect the rest of the food. So, it is good as no oil is involved and the food will turn out nice as it will not be burnt. And when I bake cakes or bread with the smartware, it will come off easily after baking because it is like rubber..and it is flexible to just pop it out. I bought it for US$39.95 but they are giving me a US$25 Wal Mart gift it is rather worth it!

Can't wait to use it. Need to use it as I think CT is gaining lots of weight. He did not use to eat lunch but only biscuits when he worked in Singapore. But now, he eats breakfast, lunch with fruit and a snack. Much more than last time. Hehe..So I told him I will reduce his food intake or cook healthier food.

Today's weather is great. About 24 degrees.However, did not step out of the house. One thing I feel is that time passes very quickly. Before I know, CT is back from work already. In the past, after teaching during the day, time passes also very quickly but I was always busy and moving around. But now, I just stay in my sofa and walk up and down in the house. Ha. Very different.


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