Monday, April 25, 2005

Another tiring day..

Posted by Dawn at Monday, April 25, 2005
Woke up this morning feeling really tired..Think I did not sleep well last night. Anyway, woke up and had a light breakfast before I left for church. After service, went home to change into something casual as CT will be bringing be to Dauphin island. It is south of Mobile, next to the Gulf of Mexico. Today's weather is very sunny but very chilly. So it was a bit hard to dress as I cannot be wearing shorts and t-shirt with a jacket. So, I had to try to withstand the chill and just wear my shorts and tshirt out.

It was about 45 mins drive there. Had to cross a steep a rollercoaster. Nothing to do much at dauphin island. Went there and drove to a small cafe to takeawar hamburger and fries. I ordered a 5 oz Angus beef hamburger while CT ordered a chilli cheese hamburger. We took away and went to the beach, sat on the big rocks and had our lunch. I was starving as it was about 2 pm already.

There were a lot of people at the beach getting their sun tans and bringing their dogs for a swim and walk. As I said, the weather was rather chilly, so we did not feel we were getting tanned...but trust me..we were getting more tan by the minute as it was very sunny...but i was freezing..what an irony.

After lunch, we quickly walked back to the car and drove around the island. It is a small island with one golf course and lots of beach apartments or houses. Quite a messy place. I would say it looks like an americanised Malay kampung. Ha.. It is because the beach houses are built on wooden stilts.So, it looks like kampung houses.

The sand is really fine and white. Yesterday, some of CT's colleagues went here as well and their car got stuck in the sand that it took them one hour before they could get out of it.

After driving for a while, we parked our car at Fort Gaines. It is a fort built during the WW1. We parked and walked around the area.. Walked along the concrete pavement along the beach and saw lots and lots of pelicans, sea gulls and other species of birds. The pelicans reminded me of "Finding Nemo" show.. Anyway, after the walk, we headed back to Mobile as I was quite sleepy. We took another route home as I wanted to see more stuff. But in the end, I fell asleep on the way home. Haha..

Immediately rested when I reached home till 6pm. Rather full from lunch. So, we had fruits and salad for dinner. CT said he did not we ate that. Had strawberries, watermelon, banana, "Ben and Jerry New York Choc Fudge" ice cream and ham with coleslaw for dinner. Nice for a change but I foresee I may get hungry quite fast.


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