Thursday, April 28, 2005

Entertainment day

Posted by Dawn at Thursday, April 28, 2005
Tuesday is always a day where I get to watch my fav shows like American Idol and Amazing Race. Made wantons today and fried them. Well, I did not expect to fry them.I wanted it to be put in the soup as dumplings soup but after making them and leaving them out in the open for so long, the skin started to get soft and started breaking apart. So, I had to fry them instead if not, all the meat and stuff in the dumplings will come out of the soup.

So, now I learnt..make the dumplings only just before you are going to cook them. I bought the wanton skins from the asian market here and it is slightly thicker than what I used to have in Singapore. Oh well, no with it!

CT called me today and told me that his company will not buy insurance for the wives and thus, I am unable to drive ths company car which they provided for CT. I was disappointed as I need a car to drive around and esp for my friends and families who will be coming down to visit. CT came home and promised me that he will get me a car somehow. He suggested renting the car whenever I need it as I do not need it all the time. So, it will be pointless to buy a second hand car which is old and expensive for our budget.

I think renting will be a good idea. Oh well...


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