Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another group of Singaporeans..

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, April 17, 2005
Today, another group of from Singapore came-the 3rd batch. They are the technicians working for Tate & Lyle. There were about 30 of them altogether-plus wives and kids. Lots of kids in fact..Hmm..hopefully, I will have the opportunity to play with them and spend time with them.

We went to the airport to pick them up in the afternoon. After welcoming them, we had lunch together at Morrison-a western restaurant. There were a lot of people in Morrison. All staring at us when the whole group of us-probably about 47 people altogether entered the place. The 3rd group of technicians are mostly made up of Malays and most of them smoke. It is strange how the 1st and 2nd batch do not smoke, but when the 3rd batch came in today, almost all of them were smoking. All of a sudden, the air became so polluted. Sigh..

After lunch, we drove 5 mins to Walmart Supermart just nearby for them to do their grocery shopping. Well, as usual, I would buy something! As long as I step into a supermart, I will definitely buy something. itch. Dunno..always feel there is something to buy. Guess, it shows that we are just humans--always having wants..never ending wants..

After grocery shopping, we took them to their apartments. All staying in Cabana Apartments, where all of us stay too. It took some time to get them settled into their individual apartment because of the huge group. We had to drive them to their apartment with their enormous amount of luggage. Each and every colleague have their own apartment. They do not share room with anyone. So, the company is real generous I must say.

At about 530pm, I played tennis with CT, Chen Twok and Jamie. We played doubles. It was great fun as CT was running all over the place. He enjoys I let him do all the work.Hehe..We played for one and a half hours. Then, the rest went out for dinner, while I told them I would like to have dinner at home. Too much of outside food not so good. Me and CT enjoy home cooked food and guess we are the homely kind of people...and enjoy cooking from scratch rather than nowadays, where supermarkets have TV dinners, ready-made stuff. It is practical, but I feel, nothing beats a true home cooked meal..enjoying the comfort of our home ( guess I am just referring to my TV!) We watched "Big Daddy" together while eating..I love that show. Saw it many times. Starring Adam Sandler on how he had to take care of this boy..and the difficulties he faced and how he fell it love with the boy after a while. Real sweet.


HabitualDamnation on Sunday, April 24, 2005 said...

singaporeans. hah.

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