Sunday, April 10, 2005

What an eventful day!

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, April 10, 2005
This morning, woke up and had pork porridge with egg for breakfast. Cooked it last night and this morning so that the porridge will be soft and nice. Cooked quite a bit so saved it for lunch as well. After breakfast, went to colonial bel air mall. It is a huge one storey mall with lots of shops. Went there to renew our car rental and to post a postcard. The shops in the mall were not open yet, so after walking around just to see, we made our way to the bank.

Most banks here do not open on Sats. Only one bank. Feel really strange that most banks do not open on Sats. Thought they should cater to working people. If they close by 5pm on Weekdays and close on sats and suns, then does it mean the working people do not go bank? hmm..

The bank is in Winn Dixie Marketplace. So, of course, I took the opportunity to go grocery shopping again. Bought fresh salmon and catfish fillets. Since we did all these in the morning, I could get fresh seafood. After shopping, I did not see CT. He was nowhere to be found. So, I waited outside the supermarket for him but he still did not come out from the bank. I was worried. Did not know what to do but waited. After about 20 mins, he came out and said he was brought inside the office for arrangements. That is why I did not see him.

After bank, we drove and explored the area near our apartment since the weather was so good. After a while, we went back to the apartment as I needed to put my fish in the fridge. We had lunch-leftover porridge and I cooked egg with chai poh. I enjoy simple meals like these. Not particular. After lunch,we rushed down to springdale mall (just opposite bel air mall) to catch a movie. We rushed as CT told me that the movies are free seating. So, better go earlier. So, we were there half an hour early. Catched the show, "Coach Carter". Guess wat? It costs only $US2 per person!! That is about S$4 per person. Another shocking thing is...guess?? hehe.. CT booked the whole theatre for me!! haha..Yeaaaah right... Truth is, we were the only ones in the theatre!! Not many people watches cinemas there. I think maybe the movies are slightly outdated..maybe..I dunno..We felt strange being the only ones watching the show but I enjoyed as it felt exclusive and the show is great!!

The show is starred by Samuel L Jackson who is a basketball coach and how inspiring he was. I strongly recommend this show for all teachers or aspiring teachers and all students as well. This show really made me re-think my strategies next time when I go back to teaching. Do catch it and get the DVD/VCD when it comes out!

After the movie, we went back to apartment and swam. The weather is about 20 over degrees, so it was good weather to swim. A few of the residents were playing and sunbathing in the pool nearest to my apartment, so I went to few blocks away, to another swimming pool. There was no one in the other pool but some were sun tanning. So, me and CT went in. Boy, though the weather was sunny, water was still freezing. But we still went ahead. Guess, we're used to harsher water conditions.Hehe..

After the swim, took a shower and went to "Bangkok Thai Cuisine" restaurant for dinner. It was slightly crowded, so I thought the food would be nice...but after trying it, we felt it was cathered to the americans. It was not spicy enough though we requested more spice! Ordered shrimp cakes, beef with vegs and green curry chicken. The servings were quite huge but we ate all up as we never waste food and boy, we were hungry after the swim. I will not recommend the place as it is not authentic thai and the price is quite expensive. Probably S$ 20 per person.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed trying new places to's all part of the adventure! :)


Hebrew_Star on Sunday, April 10, 2005 said...

Ha ha ha....true singaporean - FOOD!! Glad to hear you are keeping busy. ;o)

Keep up the adventurous spirit!! ;o) I'm counting on you when I get there!

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