Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tiring day..

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, April 24, 2005
This morning,woke up and made hot dog for breakfast. After that, went to the Asian Market to buy some food. I bought kaya buns, one bag of bean sprouts, ginger and coconut milk to make curry. After that, went to "Guitar Centre" to look at guitars. The shop is quite huge with lots of musical instruments especially guitars..well..of course!! Since it is called Guitar company! hehe.. But they have many sets of drums as well. I was amazed at the guitars. I just love looking and feasting my eyes on them.

I went to a guitar room with lots of acoustic guitars and started jamming. I took the most expensive ones to play, which costs about 2000 US$ plus. It was real cool. I went into this shop as I was on a mission to help my friend, Marianne to get a guitar and it is tough as she only likes semi-bodied ones..the ones that look real lady like. Hehe..with nice curvature and slim bodies.. I also wanted to get a guitar myself as my fingers are starting to itch after not playing guitar for a month! I wanted to buy one here so that I can play during my free time and serenade to CT! Oh well, times have changed..girls now serenade to the guys! :)

CT was a bit unwilling at first to buy a guitar for me since I have one at home in Singapore already. I told him that this guitar could be my travel guitar and if we are going to drive around to visit other states, I could bring it with me and play for him in the car. In the end, we got a really nice guitar for only 105 US$. It is a Fender-made guitar. Though it does not look very nice, oh well, who long as I can play something here..

After the guitar shopping, I went to Walmart and did some other grocery shopping like buying bananas, eggs, pasta, rice..etc.. What a day of shopping and buying..

After that, I went back to my apartment to cook. Did not want to eat out as it is unhealthy and since I had so much food in my fridge, I felt it is better to cook. I cooked bean sprouts, with dried prawns, onions and green peppers. It is not bad I must say..There is no salted fish the only substitute I could come out with is to add dried prawns..which added to the fragrance. I also cooked beef with ginger. It was nice.

After that, CT was playing with my guitar. He took out a free copy of a guitar guide and followed the instructions to read the notes and play. He is learning and seems enthusiastic about it. Even as I am typing this, he is plucking away the guitar. Now I wonder if the guitar was for me or for him! haha..

At 3pm, we left and went to Bob's house. (CT's colleague) We went there to meet up with his so that we could go together to our bible study group member's(Natalie and Jay) house for dinner. We toured around Bob's nice house with a huge backyard (garden space). His 3 kids were playing and were so excited to play with us. After that,we went to Nat and Jay's house which is only about 7 mins drive. It is an older house, and not very big. But it feels very cosy.

Dinner was fabulous. Before dinner, we were playing with the kids. Our bible study group is a couples group...and all had kids who were about 8 months - one year plus. So, they were really cute!! I was entertaining them and it was fun seeing them amusing themselves with the toys. Had BBQ chicken leg, BBQ sausages (slightly spicy), mashed potatoes, baked beans, macaroni and cheese, garlic bread for dinner! Plus great desserts...some lemon pecan nut pie and strawberry shortcake. Wow..I was amazed at the huge portions of food and how great it tasted! Enjoyed every bit of it!

Jay, the owner of the house, proudly showed us his collection of rifles!! He had about 20 rifles stored in this bomb shelter looking storeroom. They were orginal rifles used by the Nazis,Japanese..during WW1 as well.. It was amazing just looking at the collection. There were even machine guns. There are actually rifles selling in Walmart. (But of course, Jay did not buy them from Walmart!) So different from Singapore.

One interesting thing we did is that we played a game, called "The Newlyweds"...though all of them are not, except us. There are couples who are married for twenty over it was very interesting. So, obviously, me and CT did not do too well since we only know each other for not even two years..and just got married for 8 months so far. The girls had to leave the room while the guys were asked some questions. After that, we came back and had to guess what answers our individual partners gave. After that, the guys went out and we were asked some questions and our partners had to guess our answers. There were questions like, " What is your partner's fav food, fav restaurant, fav perfume, dream place to retire- beach, farm, moutain or city...etc..and questions like what is your partner's fav sport and what is your partner's mum's birthday. And I was surprised CT knew my mum's birthday!! He guessed it right! Mum, I am sure you are proud he knew that! He said he was making a guess. Ha..

It was all for fun and we had so much laughs. It was a really nice time. CT was having a good time with the kids..playing chess and ice hockey with them. Not the real ice hockey..but the table one where you find that at arcade centres..the one where you need to push the disc into the hole..

Went home at 9 plus pm. Now, dead tired..Got to wake up tomorrow for church. CT told me he would bring me out after church tomorrow to dauphin island..hmm..will def keep you guys updated!


Hebrew_Star on Sunday, April 24, 2005 said...

Simply awesome!! :o) Happy for you next time, CT can play guitar with PL...heh heh...

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