Monday, April 11, 2005

Start of the week

Posted by Dawn at Monday, April 11, 2005
Woke up at 530am and prepared breakfast for CT as usual. Had tuna and cucumber with toast. My lower lip has been hurting as few days ago when I was eating my dinner, I bit the same spot about 3 times real hard as I was eating too fast and my teeth kept biting my lip instead of my food. So, it is real sore now..

CT will not be driving this morning as one of his colleague just passed the test and he likes to drive. So, since CT prefers to be driven, he is taking a ride from his colleague, James. James got a toyota mini space wagon car. His car is different from the rest. Dunno why the rental company gave him a full-size car, even though the company says they only give mid-size car. The rest of us got either a Pontiac Grand Am or a Chevrolet Malibu. CT's car is actually a 3.4L car. It is a sports car, that is why it is not that big. We will definitely change car in May before my parents come as this pontiac car 'eats' a lot of petrol. Within 3 days, CT must always pump full tank again. So troublesome. Some got a Chevrolet Malibu which is 2.2L...still quite good.

After CT left, I was watching the news and doing my usual emailing. My mum emails me quite often. So, I usually excitedly turn on my computer to check. At about 9am plus, I felt so tired that I went back to sleep till 11am. Hehe..Did not have a good sleep last night that is why. Had macaroni and cheese for lunch. Had difficulty finishing as it was just too filling. Was reading the driving test manual whole day as I am still hoping I would have the chance to take the driving test and if I am given the chance, I would be well prepared. To me, studying is always a more difficult task than practical. I am not very good in studying the books as I have a bad memory. CT is exactly the opposite. I guess that explains why I am a teacher. A teacher puts the studying into action by teaching the students, while the students do the studying. So, I do understand the difficulty my students go through-having to study so many subjects and being so busy with their activities in school.

Cathy called me today. Just met her yesterday in Sandy's house. She called me and arranged a day to take me out. She said she would come down this Wed morning to pick me up and we'll go out together. She is a Christian housewife whose kids are all about 20 plus already. So, she is rather free. Most American women with kids do not work here and each household would have at least 2 cars. Cars here cost about US$20,000. Very cheap as compared to Singapore.

CT came home about 620pm and went out for jogging after that. He usually jogs after work with his colleagues around the apartments. Glad he is exercising. Cooked chicken with gizzard, and spinach with pork slice. Enjoy eating Chinese food. It is healthier than eating Western as the american food puts a lot of dressing, a lot of potatoes and sometimes, it is fried. Eating home cooked chinese food makes you feel like you are back home. However, I miss eating laksa, mee poh, prawn mee..Oh well, it is ok as I am flexible.

Tonight, it has been raining very heavily. Was watching Miss USA for a while before CT called me to do devotional together. So, had to submit to him and we did our daily devotional together. This daily devotional is what our bible study requires us to do. After doing our devotionals, we meet together as group on Sunday and discuss what we have learnt and how we can apply. It is good because as group, we hold one another accountable and despite being newcomers, we felt welcomed just on the very 1st day.


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