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Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Since having children, I have been rearing pets not only for my own enjoyment but also for the hope that the children can learn how to be caring, and responsible.

I have had a number of guppies, tetras, fighting fish etc in the past but kind of got tired and grossed out each time they die so often that I decided to switch to something more durable.

My friend offered to pass me her pet terrapine which I thought it would be good to have since its life span is about 20 years. I have a friend who got sick of having a terrapin because it just doesn't die that he left it in a pond outdoors in some park. Hope I do not have to reach that stage of getting sick of a pet as that will probably contradict the intention of getting a pet in the first place- to be more responsible.

Here's Terry, our terrapin
The recent pets I had were 2 hamsters given by my friend, Marianne whose hamsters just keep giving birth! I thought it would be fun and also Danielle said she would take care of it and it would be hers.
We named the two hamsters, Olaf and Elsa (No guessing where the names came from). Olaf is the grey one while Elsa is the white one.
Olaf looking all peaceful while napping
Elsa in the Lego house built by Caleb
Since having them all as pets, I definitely have been more busy. I can't say my children were not responsible in taking care of them. But they are still at the age where I have to do the guidance and the carrying as Terry's tank is made from glass (inherited from our fish tank). Both children helped to feed them and Caleb, especially love playing with them.
He would take them out of their homes to play with them. That's why you can see from the above picture of Elsa in his Lego house.
All along, I have been wanting a pet dog as dogs are more responsive and can be trained. They seem to understand humans and know what we want. However, given the size of present day flats, it just doesn't seem practical to have one.
Danielle loving her hamster

At the moment, it is still manageable to take care of them and clean their mess given the free time I have at home.

I guess sometimes pets are akin to having babies of your own. Now that my children are grown up, I probably still feel the need to take care of something. :)


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