Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Updates on pregnancy

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, February 07, 2007
So far so good. Though I feel more queasy at 13-14 weeks,I really thank God that it has been smooth. Many people came up to me and told me that they still can't see my tummy. Haha..I take that as a compliment cos I am really afraid of becoming too "fat".

Yesterday, went to visit the gynae and I was the first customer in the evening so, I didnt have to wait at all for my turn. So cool. I heard from friends who told me that sometimes, they wait very long for their turn.

I did my usual routine when I first entered the clinic- take my weight and my blood pressure. My weight has increased so far about 2 kg since my pregnancy. So not so bad.

Got to know the gender too! And the gynae told us that it is going to be a boy! Yay! Actually as expected...Many friends and family members all told us that it would be a boy from their "feeling", including my students! No one has ever mentioned that it might be a girl.

Anyway, the strangest thing for some who do not know, I have already chosen the name of my son even before I was married and even before I ever knew CT existed.

I used to play "Neopets"-this online virtual world game in the internet. I set up many accounts to earn more points so that I can get trophies and get better things for my pet. So each account, I needed to choose another name and surname to set up. I have always liked the name Caleb and usually use that for my character name in whatever games I play because I find that name rather heroic sounding. Anyway, the game needed the surname too, so I thought Ling doesnt sound nice with Caleb and so I chose a surname that sounded good with it, which was Goh. I thought Caleb Goh sounds good.

So many years after that, I finally met CT and who know's? I got married to a Goh! Haha..and definitely, you should know now what name I would give my baby boy. :)

So prophetic and amazing I must say!

Here is Caleb Goh-about 14 weeks old (according to gynae), but according to my own calendar, I think I am about 15-16 weeks old. So, am quite confused now...

This is quite a clear picture of the baby. Its slightly more than 7cm long.


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