Saturday, October 22, 2011

My one-of-a-kind darling..

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, October 22, 2011
My daughter is a very unique girl...or rather, she chooses to be different, independent and has a mind of her own. Every time I see her, its like a reflection of myself as I like to do things my way and we are both quite stubborn in character. Here's Danielle getting ready for dinner. She chooses her own clothes and the way she wants to dress. If you choose for her, she would fuss and cry. She likes things HER way! I don't usually give in to her as I do not want her to think that crying or fussing can be used as a weapon against me. (though I was like that when I was young and I enjoyed crying for attention and love)
Had dinner at Jumbo to celebrate one of the China boy's birthday (whom my mum volunteered to take care of them in Singapore). Danielle, being Danielle...she is quite easy to take care in the sense that she feeds herself since as young as 11 months old.
Here's what Danielle would do at home..
And here's catching her sleeping in a strange position at home...
Though she is stubborn and can be quite a handful at times, I choose to see the positive side of her and with a character like that, she will not be so easily influenced in future. Anyway, I will just treat her the way I would like to be treated since she is so much like me. ;)


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