Saturday, March 03, 2012

Lovely dinner...

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, March 03, 2012

Have been looking forward to tonight's dinner as it's my first time being invited to an ex-student's parent's house for a meal. I taught Hilary back in 2007 and 2008 when she was Sec 3 and Sec 4. This was the batch that I was quite close to as I took them for 2 years and moreover, they also saw me getting pregnant twice!

After Hilary graduated, I got in touch with her mum, Jane through Facebook. I have to admit that I was initially uneasy to add parents to my Facebook but then again, I have nothing to hide and my life is meant to be shared with others as I want to be as transparent as I can be just so that maybe somewhere down the road, people can be inspired by my life as that's how I want it to be- to be an inspiration to the people around me. So I added her and since then, Jane has been a source of inspiration to me instead as I saw how she have dates with her children one on one and how they all seem so close to her, including her hubby. When I saw all that updated pictures of her and the family and her status updates on her praise and love for God, I was amazed and inspired by the kind of life she is living and has as that was exactly how I envisioned my role as a wife and mummy when I got married and I first had Caleb. My aim was to have a family that is God-centered, to love and respect my husband, to be best friends with my children and to be a blessing to my friends as I open my house and invite them over for meals.

That was why a few months back, I actually approached Jane through Facebook to be my spiritual and prayer mentor. Anyway, I was so happy that Jane invited my family over to her place for dinner tonight. I have also always wanted to try her cooking as she keeps posting up pictures of her food she cooked in Facebook that I had to try it for myself! Here's what she prepared!

The whole table was practically filled with food! There was braised chicken wings, emporer's chicken, steamed fish, fish ball vegetable soup, braised broccoli with dried mushrooms, egg fu yong. Loved all of it!

Besides Hilary, I was happy to also see Wei Jun (who is dating Hilary) and Josha who were all from the same class. The thing about Jane is that she would always open her house for meals by inviting her children's friends her children's friends automatically becomes her friends and they drop by her place all the time.

Anyway, during dinner, we talked about the past and we all had a great time reminiscing about it and joking around as well. After dinner, Jane still kept feeding us by giving us cakes, tea, ice cream, fruits etc etc..She is so hospitable. Reminds me of my mum. I also had the opportunity to play guitar with Jane's husband, Matthew who used to be a bassist in Riverlife church as well! Jane told me to bring my new Gibson guitar so that Matthew can play with it and so we played together and exchanged pointers. Very fun!

As for my children, they were entertained by the television as Caleb was watching Madagascar. Danielle has yet to enjoy watching she simply walks around and entertain herself.

It was a very lovely dinner and meaningful time spent with my friends. I feel so blessed to have friends like them who simply lifts your soul!


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