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Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Just days before leaving for US, me and my students still cant imagine we are about to leave for the World Championships. It's as if we have not accepted reality. But finally the morning has arrived. I set off for the airport early in the morning. CT dropped me off on his way to work so I was there quite early. Happened to meet my student with his mum, so joined them for breakfast at the airport.

I didnt use to like taking flights in aeroplane when I was young. I would vomit and not eat in the plane but I have overcome the fear..all thanks to my parents who believe in overcoming all difficulties by just facing up to it. So despite being a nuisance to them in the aeroplane by throwing up in the airbag or even along the aisle, they still continued to take me on holiday trips and probably going overseas for my swimming competitions also helped me overcome my hatred for flights...and the smell.

I appreciated and truly say I enjoy taking aeroplane flights when I stayed in US for a year with my hubby. Despite the long flight to US, I have to say, I enjoyed every bit of it because we took the straight flight (executive economy class) there from Singapore to Newark Airport which is in New York. It was probably about straight 16 hours flight. Despite a long flight which most would complain, I didnt as I got to watch so many movies and get to have a buffet spread of food to eat at the back of the plane. I always went for the instant noodles. Singapore Airlines has definitely made my flight more enjoyable.

Anyway, going back to the US this time round, brought back memories..memories of my swimming competition and camps in US, holiday trip with my parents and brother to 7 over states in US, as well as going to and fro US with my hubby during our stay in US. It was all fun and each time back to US, is a whole new experience as there's just so much to see.

The food in SQ was superb. I ordered the Japanese cuisine as I love Jap food and as usual, it comes with ice cream!

We took about 7 hours flight to Narita airport where we transited for about an hour or so. Within that short time, we had to eat Jap food there. So we ordered ramen, and curry pork cutlet rice to share.
I also ordered an interesting drink- sparkling soy water which tasted like bubble gum. I just wanted to try something different. Yep, that adventurous spirit is always inside me.
Well, one of my students also bought octopus to eat. I tried one..didnt really like it though as it was a little sour. strange. Texture was normal- chewy which I didnt mind.
During our flight, I went with my students who were awake at that time, to go touring the world's largest aircraft, the Airbus A380. So happy to be flying in it. So we decided to check it out by walking up to the upper deck.
The upper deck is slightly smaller..
The wings of the plane also looked special.
While arriving in LAX airport at about 4pm, our bus took us to our hotel where we checked in. All of us were hungry. So we bought something light to eat first. I bought a slice of pepperoni pizza. I told my students that we left Singapore on 17 April at 9am while we arrived in US on 17 Apr 4pm. Its as if we took a short trip to US.
Anyway after our tea time at the food court in our hotel, we went to the hotel room to maintain the robots
Then I brought the students out for dinner at Ramada Plaza while my IC, Mr Teo and the trainer, Mr Chee met up for dinner.
We took away our food. I ordered a Korean Beef Bulgogi Burger which was so delicious! The burger place I ordered from was run by a Korean. So that explains.
Anyway, this first day in US have been tiring but fun as I didn't sleep in the aeroplane at all. Maybe at most 20-30 mins of the total 19 hours flight. It was fun as time spent with the students has always been enjoyable as they amuse me each time and I guess, it works both ways as they probably enjoy my company as well. Nevertheless, I am sure I will have a blast here in US as wherever I am, I make sure I am having the time of my life as I will never get to rewind this moment again!


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