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Posted by Dawn at Thursday, May 29, 2014
Finally, its all taking shape with the classes my children are taking. Since having children, I have always wanted my children to take up piano as well as swimming. As I said in my post on "Purposeful Parenting" , everything has to be intentional and meaningful. To me if not, I would probably end up in circles, wasting time and money. So why piano and swimming?

Well, I believe that in whatever instrument my children end up playing, starts with the basics of piano. I am more of a guitar player and I have understood my guitar better because I have a piano background. As for swimming, obviously I want them to be confident in the water for safety reasons.

My son has mentioned to me that he would like to play drums in future, while my girl, guitar. So they promised me that they will go through the piano lessons first for the basics before they start learning on their own in whatever instrument they like to explore in future.

My children goes for swimming every week and though they have not learnt to swim basic strokes, their confidence in the water has grown exponentially as they paddle about 5 to 10m without a board. To me, its an achievement and a milestone from the time they used to hesitate to go down the adult lap pool and need to hold on to me so tightly. The main thing is that they are enjoying and always looking forward to the next lesson!

As for piano lessons, my friend from church comes to my place every week to teach both my children. I trust her because she is an excellent pianist who plays in the worship team and more importantly, she is an experienced piano teacher and loves the Lord as well. So I mentioned to her that my direction for my children is not necessary on getting their grade certifications but to enjoy learning and playing worship songs.

So far so good and my children seems to like it as well.

Besides these 2 classes, they go for weekly Chinese class down at the RC(Residential Committee) near my block. Their Chinese has improved quite significantly as well since they seldom have any practise at home.

And lastly, one ad-hoc lesson that they have is tennis. My friend from church volunteered to coach all of us tennis as a family! I used to play tennis, going through lessons before but its definitely more fun now with my children and husband!

At the end of it all, I believe in seeing my children enjoy what they do, having fun and at the same time, learning!


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