Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happenings lately

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, September 27, 2006
My daily routine is to go work, cook dinner, sometimes eat out when I stay back in school till late, or during weekends, visit parents, visit in laws, playing with my niece etc...and the list goes on and on.

No complains but its a fact that when we are in Singapore, the busyness of life catch up on us and at times, wears us down.

My niece, Janine has been growing up very well and cute! Here is a picture of her in her sunday dress to church.

I have also been busy eating good food. My dad's birthday just passed and he invited all my relatives, including my bro's in-laws and my in-laws for dinner. We went to "Imperial Treasure" at Great World City.

Few weeks ago, Sunday Times came up with the top 50 best restaurants in Singapore. Among the list were restaurants like Morton's Lawry Prime Rib, Lei Garden, Crystal Jade, and Imperial Treasure...

I feel that these restaurants are top not only for their food, but more importantly, their excellent, professional, warm service. Dad wants to go Imperial Treasure for birthday as it is in the list and so, loves to try the food there since we have eaten to some of the top restaurants already. Just few weeks back, we went to Lei Garden at Chijmes for dinner to celebrate Chloe's (my dad's god-daughter)birthday.

I must highly recommend Lei Garden if you love double boiled soup. I think this restaurant has one of the best soup! We ordered huge scallops( one piece per person), double boiled watercress, porkrib, fish soup, peking duck, etc ...and one unique thing I tried was the dessert. It came out in a bowl which had the taoist sign-one side black, and the other side white. It was actually black sesame and almond. Very skillful to split it up to look so nice.

At imperial treasure, we booked 2 tables since there were quite a number of us and dad paid for it. We ordered suckling pig each table and boy, it was huge! My aunt who works in Hyatt hotel bought a birthday cake from Mezza9. The best cake I have tasted so far. It was a green tea cake which had cream that tasted so fresh and not sweet. I loved every bit of it though I am not a cake lover.

We had a lot to eat..seems like a usual wedding dinner course. One meal like this easily costs about $600-1000 per table as I know one suckling pig already costs 100 bucks. Wow..sounds extravagant but when I think about it, I feel every cent is worth it. Why do I say so?

Firstly, for the quality of food and secondly, for the service.

I am the type who is satisfied with hawker food that is good and cheap. But when you come down to the art and skill of cooking, top restaurants does use fresh ingredients,spend hours boiling their soup with lots of ingredients and know the art of cooking, rather than just adding more oil and more lard and more MSG.

And also when I think of my dad who is now wheelchair bound, there isnt really much he can do but to eat, do exercise, read and watch TV. Hawker food is kind of out for him as the places are not really wheelchair friendly and there are always a lot of people. There are times we buy back food for him but I am sure he would love to go out.

So, restaurants like these would have less people, and wheelchair friendly as they have lifts or ramps..

Anyway, God has really blessed my family even more since the accident and my dad is still working, despite his condition. He never gives up and continues to persevere and fight the good fight! I love you dad! My dad has taught me so much when I was young, and even more so, now.

Thank you Lord for everything...including the accident. I mean it.


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