Tuesday, October 17, 2006

cute puffer

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, October 17, 2006
On Sunday, Marianne passed me lots of snails from her aquarium for my puffer to eat. I got a shock when I saw her snails cos it was so huge!! All my water snails that I have are so tiny..maybe only 0.2cm..but hers is like 2 cm long!

So gross...but I felt happy cos at least now, my puffer gets to eat something.

When I reached home, I quickly played one big snail and one small snail into the puffer tank and boy, it immediately went up to the snail and surveyed it..

I felt so scared for the snail..sigh...Feel so bad. The snail actually shitted quite a number of times..haha..it practically 'shitted in his pants'..poor snail.

I loved this picture I took cos the puffer looks so cute and innocent...with its two cute "precious moments" droppy eyes...

The puffer was trying to get its body but the shell seems too big..so the puffer even over turned itself just to get to the body...

I had fun snapping pictures of the puffer attacking the snail. I told CT that it was like National Geographic channel where I actually get to experience the killing.

But just for your info, up to date, the snail is still alive. It seems the puffer just gave up after a while and the shell seems to big. Ha..


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