Sunday, May 06, 2007

Celebrate Pam's birthday

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, May 06, 2007
Today, went to Changi Airport to celebrate Pamela's(my sis-in-law) birthday. We went to "Soup Restaurant" and had lots of food. We ate beggar's pork rib, samsui ginger chicken with lettuce, sweet potato leaves with sambal, lotus root soup, bean curd, noodles. It was very yummy.

Last but not least, we had ice cream cake from gelare which mum bought.

Janine cant help but stare hard at the delicious looking ice cream chocolate cake.

CT and I had to rush lunch as we had to go down to hospital for our antenatal classes. We were about 5 mins late and the class started already and immediately, the instructor made us to exercises which she taught us last week. I was telling CT that I might just puke from the filling lunch.Haha...

It was fun attending classes at the hospital to prepare me for the birth of baby Caleb. I had learnt a lot about my body and to prepare me mentally. During today's class, we recap on the exercises taught-abdominable exercises, pelvic thrusts, pelvic floor muscles exercises, breathing exercises etc. Today, we learnt about preparations for the different stages of labor-what to expect and what to do.

The instructor also taught the husbands how to massage the wives while going through the stages and how they can help. So, it was fun having CT massage my back and doing the breathing exercises with me.

After class, I went to my mum's house to rest and bathe. Then we went out for early Mother's Day dinner which my church organised. It was the Mandarin Ministry that organised it. So, CT and I invited my parents and my mum-in-law. We all went in my mum's van.

Dinner was at Qian Xi Lou at Civil Service Club which I have been there almost every year since I joined teaching as they hold the public service swimming meet there. So, quite familiar with the place. Too bad I cannot compete this year because of my pregnancy.

Oh...forgot to mention that Janine came along as my bro and Pam went out to watch "Spiderman 3". So, I was given the task to babysit her. It was tough keeping her occupied and amusing her during the journey as she was so active and I was so inactive.,,because of my weight and tummy.

Glad my mum helped a lot throughout the dinner.

The dinner was filled with performances and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. There were a group of ex-convicts who were drug addicts that came up on stage to sing a couple of songs. Very touching. One of them even shared his story about how he started taking drugs and joining a secret society when he was 13 yrs old...and how his mum kept worrying about him.

He kept going in and out of prison many times and to many different prisons. But his mum never failed to visit him though she was very disappointed. Each time he got out of jail, he wanted to start afresh but he would always go back to his old ways. He then talked about how he met a guy whom introduced him to go church and from then on, he changed for the better.

After his mum saw his tremendous change, she also accepted Christ. His mum was there at the dinner and she too gave her testimony about how she went to temples to pray for her children as all 3 of them were drug addicts. She even paid a lot to the monks there as they told her about different solutions like burning incense paper and drink it etc..She was desperate. Even when the son accepted Christ, she told him that he will surely not last and will go back to his old ways. But, it was indeed a miracle that he didnt go back to his old ways, but instead went around giving his testimonies to people about his miraculous change in him after so many years and how God has been really good, working in his lives.

His dad during the tough times even had a mistress and when the mother gave her testimony, she shared that after accepting Christ, she learnt to forgive him and even invited him and the mistress to church. Such peace!

It just brings to my mind about a verse from the bible," I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

There are just so many testimonies going around about God's goodness and even I, myself have lots of stories to tell about what God has done in my life and will do in future. I just cant wait to spend my entire life with Him and please Him.


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