Sunday, May 27, 2007

more food glorious food...

Posted by Dawn at Sunday, May 27, 2007
Today is a Saturday and I would usually cook dinner on Sats as CT and I would stay home to catch the "Return of the Condor Heroes" in Channel U. We are big fans of sword fighting...

Anyway, this was what I cooked for dinner tonight. Made a simple salad with thousand island, garlic mashed potatoes with black pepper as well as pan fried dory with herbs. Usually I cook what I like to eat because CT seldom tells me what he wants to eat even though I ask him as he is much an "anything" guy.

Talking about "anything"..did you know Singapore came up with a can drink called, "Anything" and "Whatever"? Ct think that it is rather lame but I think otherwise. Given the indecisive nature of men, the names were quite appropriate. I remember very vividly when I used to gather with my church friends to decide where to eat and we would always respond with the all too familiar word, "Anything". So, we jokingly thought that next time when we open a restaurant, we would name it "Anything Cafe" or "Anything Restaurant" so that people would think of us each time they respond with the word, "Anything".

When the ads for these drinks first came up, it did create a lot of question marks in people's minds. They were wondering if this was for real. I know I had the same reaction.
Most would see this as simply a marketing packaging, or perhaps even a passing fad that would not stand the test of market and time. That is too early to say - but as characteristics of such a gimmicky approach to beverage marketing, a hyped-up launch campaign is definitely crucial.
They took out some ads, some of which verging on the risque, e.g. the picture of a sexy woman accompanied by the line “I’m easy. I’ll take Whatever you give me”. There was a mild reaction (controversy?) to the campaign - some people think they are demeaning (which I’m fairly certain is the intention: you’d need all the publicity you can get, controversial or not - debates and letters to the newspaper forums would certainly fuel the curiosity and hype).

What they perhaps did not anticipate was a response of another kind to their ads. You see, they have lined cans around their posters (empty sealed cans). These cans were quickly vandalized - whether it be the bored teenager fiddling with it and opening the tabs, or from poor old women removing the aluminum cans for money. As a result, there were again concerns over the opened cans being a breeding ground for dengue mosquitoes - eventually the company pulled the ads down prematurely.

For those wondering what these two canned drinks serve. Well, the "Anything" drink serves anything. Haha..They serve any fizzy drinks from cola, cola with lemon, root beer, etc while the "Whatever" canned drink serves non-carbonated drinks- e.g. ice lemon tea, chrysanthemum tea, apple tea etc. Interesting right?

It seems that sales for these canned drinks have been so popular that most are sold out even before I can get my hands on them. How long will this craze last, I wonder...?


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