Saturday, April 03, 2010

Daytrip to JB

Posted by Dawn at Saturday, April 03, 2010
Went to Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia with CT and my mother-in-law today. Left the kids at my parent's place as it will be a whole day and I was afraid the children will be tired. Moreover, Caleb has been coughing.

We picked my mum-in-law up at about 8am before driving to Malaysia. Our first stop in JB was to pump CNG. Dirt cheap. Costs only few Singapore dollars. The time was still early and so we went in search of a breakfast place.

I drove instead after out first stop and I was glad I did as between me and CT, I am less stressed behind the wheel when it comes to exploring new areas and not having a destination in mind. CT is more a task oriented person and needs to have a destination before he is confident and more relaxed when driving. I am comfortable driving everywhere even without a destination in mind. And probably because of that, I managed to settle down in a breakfast place which looks good on the outside because there were a number of people eating in it and everything about the place looks authentically nice-the right kind of dirtyness and enough people in it to consider it good. ;)

We ordered laksa, dried fishball bee hoon while my mother-in-law had fish soup noodles. We also ordered fried carrot cake. Everything was SO SO SO good...

Let me first talk about the laksa. The noodles was fat. A little like the 'lao shu fen' (bee tai mak)or Japanese udon which we have in Singapore but the texture was so good- not overcooked, very bouncy. There were so many ingredients in it as well!

Then we had dried bee hoon. The soup was very tasty and has a lot of ingredients.

Even my mother-in-law's soup has a few pieces of fish steak in it.

It was so enjoyable that I quickly saved my location in my GPS. Will share with you the coordinates for those who are interested to know.

The coffeeshop is called, "Restoran Hup Heng"

which is opposite this building-Perling Mall (I think..), just along the highway.

After breakfast, we made our way to Jusco @ Bukit Indah which just opened in Dec 2008. We spent the whole morning till afternoon there, shopping. I loved the place as it was huge so it seemed that there were not many people. They even have a children's playground inside the departmental store.

For lunch, we went to Nando's- a place which I have always wanted to go as my friend has been recommending it to me. Good news for Nando's fan as Nando's will be coming to Singapore soon!

The taste of the chicken is very well marinated. Their sauce is also quite special.

After lunch, we did our grocery shopping at the supermarket before heading back to Singapore.

There were many people buying lots of diapers!! And I mean LOTS!

Had a really great time!Can't wait to bring the children next time round!


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