Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Simple fun at home

Posted by Dawn at Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Thank God CT and I both love to be at the comfort of our home. So spending time together as a family has been a priority in our lives.

There would be times when CT would suggest flying kites just down our block even on a weekday..just as long as its windy. Caleb was having fun running around with his kite.

Then I got the children interested with the mimosas growing in the field. They started looking out for them to touch!

Now that my children are slightly older, they enjoy playing with each other since especially they are around the same age (only a year apart) Its joy watching them grow and enjoying each other's company.

They both love to imitate each other. So at times I really wonder who is more influential. I have to always remind Caleb to set a good example for Danielle to follow.

Here's both of them enjoying the blueberry almond crumble muffin which I made...

Danielle loves playing hide and seek at home and there was once when she hid behind the towel in the room which is really cute because her legs were obviously sticking out.

This would be one of our fun activities at home.

It could set them running around crazily and noisily at home.

One of the activity which I would look forward to is getting my children involved in cooking. Kids have a lot of creativity which many adults do not have and that would definitely help in cooking. I am sure they will amaze me like how the Junior Masterchefs in Australia has. Loved the show and how it has inspired me to pass on the love of cooking to my children.

But of course, role modeling for them is always the best start.
Here's what I cooked for them for our pre- CNY's reunion dinner.

There's Kai Lan veggies with oyster sauce and fried garlic on top

ginger, spring onions, oyster sauce chicken with a splash of wine

And claypot rice with chinese sausages, dried mushrooms and waxed duck

I shall start thinking of recipes the kids can help to chip in to make...


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