Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas with friends..

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, December 27, 2011
My students, whom I have regarded as friends, came to my house to celebrate Christmas together. To be honest, I find it hard to separate friends and students relationship. To me, as long as I know your name and a little about yourself , I consider you my friend already. That does not mean my students can take things for granted because in any relationship, there has to be mutual respect. So be it a teacher-student relationship or a friendship, I still expect my friends or students to show me respect as I show them the same. But anyway, now that they have graduated, I can safely say that they are my friends. I specially prepared for them a Christmas dinner. I just love inviting people over for a meal and cooking for them. Just wish my house was a little bigger to host more people.
Prepared ham with sauce (compliments from mum), grilled chicken wings, fruit salad, cheese baked pasta or whatever you call it as well as burrito wrap with chicken marinated with mexican rub (self wrap). After that, also treated them to ice cream.
Like to thank them for bringing gifts for me and my children.
But I wondered if it was really for my children or was there some kind of hidden agenda. Hmm..
After lunch, they played boardgames and we went down to play at the rooftop garden playground as well as the ground level playground
Think they had fun playing with my children..
All of us had an enjoyable time. I sincerely wish them all the very best in their next phase of life in tertiary education!


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