Monday, December 12, 2011

Danielle turns 3

Posted by Dawn at Monday, December 12, 2011

Each time I celebrate my children's birthday, its always a wake up call to the realisation that time passes quickly. To me, time is very precious and I would always try to make use of every minute of my life to do something...and that is probably why I do not sleep as much as I need. For example, if I sleep at about midnight or even 2am in the morning, I will still wake up at about 7am in the morning. That's me and after waking up, I would be spending time with my children as they wake up at about 630-645am. If it is a public holiday or weekend, we would be out of the house by 8am already either doing my weekly supermarketing or going to the park.

Then when I come back at about 9-10am, I would feel so accomplished as most people would only wake up at around that time or even later, and while they are sleeping, I would have already done so many things...I always live with the idea that I may die anytime and if I were to die today, I would be dancing all the way to heaven as I have done my best and I have no regrets. That is why, I try to instill to my students the importance of time and how they should always make use of it to do something useful and meaningful. I hate it when they act as if they have lots of time in their hands...and start wasting their life away.

Anyway, back to Danielle's birthday...well, she turns 3 this year on the 12th of Dec. I intentionally chose this date to give birth as it is easy to remember. Danielle was very comfortable in my stomach that she didnt want to come out even though she was quite big already. So the gynae told me to choose a date where she would induce and bring her out of my womb.

Now, she is a big baby who still cries and fusses but has also matured a lot. She is a very loving, caring girl who loves to snack and cycle. At times, I would put my head on her chest as she lies on my bed and she will start to pat my head in a very motherly way and she would say, " It's ok..everything is ok.." Whenever I leave home, she would request for a big hug and kiss. Very sweet girl.

Here's Danielle eating with Caleb and Keelia..
Danielle seems to take interest in music as well as sports. So for her birthday, I bought her a training bike. Purposely chose orange so that both Caleb and Danielle can share...even though I know Danielle would love pink! For a hefty sum of $160, I figured its worth it since Caleb can also play with it and it can save me the money from buying them a tricycle since from this bike, hopefully, they can start transiting to the 2-wheel one already.
After assembling it all by myself, I gave Danielle a surprise after her afternoon nap by asking her to open my room door to take a look at her present as I hid the bicycle in my room. She loved it. Even Caleb played with it! Glad they didnt fight over it!
Even in the house, they started playing with it together...and role playing as if they were going around places to the shopping centre, to school etc etc.
I celebrated Danielle's birthday on 10th December, 2 days before her actual date as we celebrated on a Saturday. So on her actual birthday, we took out the leftover cake and put candles on it for her to blow again. It was all fun for the children, though the cake looks kind of sad..haha.
Happy Birthday my dear Danielle. Both me and papa are really happy to have you as our daughter and we will always be very proud of you and love you with all our heart! God bless you dear...


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