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Since a year ago, I told my 4 year old then that we are BFF (Best Friends Forever). I don't know whether I brain washed her or not but she's buying it and we have been doing things together that I really enjoy. We seemed to enjoy each other's company and I am seriously treating her as my best girlfriend! (hope she doesn't go breaking my heart now..ha!)

At the beginning of this year when Caleb went off to his school early in the morning, I could spend time with Danielle as her school started a week later. She makes great company!

Having cheap Jap lunch near our house

She also accompanied me to cut and colour my hair..for 2 hours plus with no complains, just waiting for me.. Where can I find such great company who is so patient and cheerful!


Even after she starts school, her school bus would come pick her up at around 10am. So we have the mornings alone as well and we would have breakfast together- either at home or in coffeeshops.

Sitting together with her and eating is a joy as we would either be reading a bible story or just simply talk. It's such a girly thing to just yak yak yak.

Some mornings, I would bring her to the park or rooftop garden at my block to just have fun and exercise..

Do you happen to notice anything wrong with the above picture??  I asked my hubby and son the same question and they can't spot it. Give up? Well, the bicycle handle is turned the other way round. Danielle changed it and tried cycling with it which she could. She has been doing all sorts of tricks to cycling like standing up while pedalling and riding it with the handles and front wheel in the wrong way.

In the mornings, we would do something together and few weeks ago, I was hooked to the Rubik's Cube and she got hooked as well. So, she would watch the Youtube tutorials on how to solve it and we do it together.

When it's time for her to go school, I would try my best to tie her hair up. I have yet to master plaits as I always end up tying it so loosely. So in the end, I just go for simple ones! Tying her hair is another bonding activity as she would patiently wait for me to do up her hair and we would just laugh at how pathetic I am doing it.

After donning her school uniform and bag, I always notice how cool my girl is. She would insist on only carrying her bag on one shoulder, wear her watch (even though she still doesn't know how to read it properly) and puts her hand in her pocket at times.

While waiting for the bus is yet another major bonding time when we just have fun under the void deck playing. We would first pray together to commit her time in school to the Lord but as the days passed, she is now independent enough to pray on her own. So she starts talking aloud to God when we are down waiting for the school bus and refers herself as the third person in her prayer. Its cute. Then we would go on to do something like checking out insects..

Here's the ant's nest undisturbed made up of leaves. (Super amazed at how the ants know how to build this on their own)

And I would cheekily flick my finger on this and voila! The ants all start appearing!

We also spotted this interesting spider..

Also spotted this which I am very curious as to why I can't touch this..

My guess is that there may be dog's ashes in the soil..Oh well..

Besides spotting all these interesting stuff in the morning while waiting for the school bus, we would also start playing games like hide and seek, "crossing the crocodile river", "what's the time Mr Wolf?", "Scissors, paper, stone" running game etc etc..

So much fun and laughter..

Here's the many funny faces of my best friend taken while waiting for the bus

Can you see how much she cheers me up? It gets even better when I pick her up after school from the bus. She would be waving at me in the bus before the bus stops and once the bus doors slides open, she would be greeting me with squeals of delight and jump right in my arms as I carry her. She would sound so excited...
I can't stop thanking the Lord for allowing me to give birth to Danielle as she's truly a joy and a blessing to me. Lord, may you continue to grant her a heart that yearns and seeks for you. I also like to start praying for her husband that you will grant her a godly Christian man when the time is right, a man that is prayerful and loves you with all his heart and will love my dear daughter too! Pray for your joy to always be with her! In Jesus name I pray, Amen!


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