Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The reality of Primary School

Posted by Dawn at Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Finally, I am facing up to my fears (as if I have a choice) - Primary School! Fears definitely created by the environment and people as horror stories from the weight of their school bags, to never-ending homework, out-of-this world, seemingly-impossible-to-solve, long essay Math questions that confuses both the children as well as the adults and as well as stress by the teachers and principal to perform as they prepare the kid from Primary 4 onwards for the PSLE which is taken in Primary 6!

This is why I quit my teaching career of 10 years to guide my children..so that we can probably face this together ( I think I am more frightened than they are since they are ignorant of what is to come) but that is not the main reason. I felt convicted that the responsibility of raising my children and household matters should not be left to my helper. In the end, I do not know how my children will turn out but at least I know I have tried my best as a mother to be there for them as I continue to trust God to give me the wisdom to guide them.

So far, I have to admit, my fears are unfounded. So far, the school bag is not as heavy as what most make it to be. I have to give credit to my son's school who prepares a list for the first 2 weeks of Orientation to bring their books to school per subject to be kept in their locker. So now that official lessons have started, his bag is just made up of his pencil box, his school journal notebook, storybook and only one or two textbooks. Its relatively light.

Regret buying such a big bag for him
On his first day of school, he seemed to be able to cope well. My boy has grown up!

The school only allowed the parents to see them in the canteen. So during recess when I went back to visit him, he was all over the place. After eating, he started hanging out with his buddy.

I had the feeling he didn't need me around as he was happily walking with his friends. So just after peaking at him for a minute or two, I decided to go back home.

Viewing our children from outside the canteen made it seems like they are animal exhibits
Anyway, I am just thankful that I have chosen a school near my house and also am happy so far at the way things are running as the Parent Support Group is quite good. They have set up whatsapp group for parents of the various Primary one classes and by joining the whatsapp group, we are kept in the loop and can link up with other parents whose child is in the same class.

The Parents Group aim to set up for all other levels too. They also include the chairman or Vice-Chairman in the Whatsapp group to guide us in any way if we have any questions.

So far for 2 weeks in school, Caleb seemed to do ok. He looks forward to PE lesson so that he can run about! As for homework, it is manageable.

I know the road ahead is only going to get tougher but frankly speaking, I am comforted and assured for I know the Lord is with me and helping me as always.


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